Evil Beckons

In a flash of light, blades clash and steal screams, as does the holder. One blade blocked, the other meeting blackened flesh, scarred of evil desires, and evil deeds. One of the fighters dashed into the air backwards, his feet raising off the ground, and yet not coming back down. Through a force of what most would call sheer evil, the figure flew into the air, hissing wildly. Kain backed away slightly, his eyes fixating on the vampire, as if staring it down… and winning.

"Who brought you into this world, beast?"

"I would sooner drink holy water then reveal my bringer of endless life to you, warrior!"

"If that is how you wish to leave this world…"

Kain spins, launching Murasame into the air behind him, at the beast. The blade meets its mark, imbedding into the vampire's head, most of the blade going through it. The vampire drops backwards, hitting the ground on its back. Wasting no time, Kain walks forward, turning to his cloak and pulling a sharpened wooden stake. He reaches the vampire, who lies on the ground, struggling to break free. Raising the stake above the monster, in a quick motion using his palm, Kain drives the stake downward into the Vampire's heart. The vampires eyes close, its body going limp. Kain reaches over, pulling his sword from the vampire's head, making no sound.

"For good measure…"

Kain then pulls something else from his cloak, a small vile filled with a clear substance. He forces the vampire's mouth open, and pours it into its mouth. The instant the liquid meets the vampire's mouth, it erupts into flames, the body soon following. Kain brings his blade to his side, wiping the blood of the vampire… or rather its victims, onto his cloak. Amazingly the blade shines brightly, still looking as if it had never been used. Kain sheaths the blade, turning towards the forest.

"I never liked being watched… at least, I don't think I did…"

Kain looked straight at the man, who ducked trying to hide his presence. The man was obviously either drunk, or a very bad tracker, as Kain had known about the man following him since he had first left Tristram. The vampire had side tracked him, and only now had he time to deal with this spy. The man had some evil about him, but nothing to justify confronting him. Kain thought it better just to lose him, he had better things to do. Kain walked the other way from the man, walking out of the clearing back into the depths of the forest, moving like nothing had happened. Kain walked casually, moving into thick underbrush, nearby some trees. Kain instantly took the opportunity, turning behind him and jumping into the tree, climbing to sufficient height, and staying in place, perfectly still. Time passes, Kain not showing any signs of being impatient. The tactic soon pulls off, and a man comes brushing through the bushes below, looking about for signs of the man he had been watching. The man kneels, searching the bushes for signs of a direction. His eyes dart upward, searching the trees, but finding nothing, as Kain already anticipated this and masked his view behind the tree, away from the man. After an equally long and uneventful period time, the man finally backtracks, giving up on his search. Kain again moves along the tree, masking himself from the man as he walks away. After waiting five more minutes to be sure, Kain finally releases his grip, and turns towards the other trees around him. He jumps quietly from tree to tree, moving a distance away before finally dropping back to the ground. His eyes close abruptly, his hands drawing his swords slowly. His eyes open, now glowing with many bright strands of blue lightning, which streak across his eyes in all directions. He turns to an unknown path, only a deep will in the back of his mind driving him. Though Kain had no idea just what gave him the will, the driving force that led him in the direction of evil, and constantly pushed him to destroy it, this will was the only thing he had. Better to fight then to sit in a bar or something wasting his time searching for answers at the bottom of a jar of ale.

"These ones are strong, they shall lead to something bigger"

Kain's eyes center on a moving mass in the distance, what he could make out to be four figures, looking like women, carrying two more figures over their shoulder. The will in the back of Kain's mind clearly showed the four women were evil, and in moments Kain was running forward after them. He stayed a distance from them, following them rather then fighting. He would have to wait until they revealed where they came from, so that the rest would litter the ground around them. In the far distance he could barely make out a city, he had no clue of its name, only that great evil lay there, and he had to take care of it, no matter how big, or how many…