Beginning of the End

Deep inside the depth’s of hell. Abadon holds a scroll in his hand. His silver eyes skim the note over and over again. And with every time his grin becomes more and more self evident. Finally Abadon crumbles it in his hand. A muffled slicing sound is heard. When Abadon opens his hand, thousands of pieces of freshly cut paper begins to float out. Silently he begins to walk away towards the entrance to hell. Abadon stares at the slight crack in the roof. Blocked off to keep the mortals from entering at there own convenience. Abadon chanted a few silent words and crack about an half inch thick. Slowly Abadon began to ripple as he began to fall into a puddle. Slowly the puddle began to seep through the crack. On the surface the puddle began to crawl away south. Perched in a tree nearby a pair of beady red eyes take in the whole scene.

Outside the town of Tristram The slow moving puddle began to change form again. Slowly it took the form of a skinny man, holding a very large bag. It clanked silently as he began to walk south whistling merrily.

[Kingdom of Dorado]

The kingdom of Dorado if considered to be the safest and most peaceful kingdom to live at. The reason? The kingdom is ruled by a very greedy chain of kings. The founder built the kingdom on a VERY large gold vein. The kings though the countless generations have lived by only a few simple rules. If there is money take it. If you cant take it, buy it. You can never have too many guards. This kingdom is a virtual fortress. Over the countless years of existing not 1 person has broken in or out. No kingdom has penetrated its walls. But that would soon change.

A simple man dressed in simple clothes approached the large gate of Dorado. 6 guards eye him uneasily as he approaches.

Guard 1: HALT! Name and business.

Man: I am a simple man wishing to pay tribute to my king to whom I support and are loyal too.

Guard 2: What’s in the bag?

Man: Gold of which I plan to offer to my lord.

Guard 3: Mind if we take a look? (Snicker)

Man: Well I really don’t think the lord would approve...

Another guard snatched the bag off the mans bag and opened it up. The man tried to protest but another guard grabbed him from behind. The guard ran his hand through the bag. Constant chinking was heard as the gold clattered against each other. He grinned as he tied the bag back up while pocketing a few coins.

Guard 1: Frisk him.

2 guards began to search the man while the 3rd held him. They stood up after going over every inch of his body but found nothing.

Guard 4: He is clean.

The guard let go and the other one handed him his bag, the man began to walk forward but stopped and leaned over to the guard who had stolen a few gold coins.

Man: Just to let you know I will be coming back for those.

Guard: Whatever.....

The guard kicked the man as he began to walk towards the now lowering drawbridge. A small grin fell over his face as he crossed the bridge.

The man walked through the busy streets of the city in the protective walls of the castle. Life thrived with laughing children and angry traders. Slowly he approached the castle gate.

Guard: Halt.

Man: I am here to deliver tribute to the king.

Guard: What’s in the bag?

Man: Gold for the king. Now if you will excuse me I would like to make haste.

The guard started to say something but another guard hit him with his elbow. The first guard frowned and waved him past. the man nodded his head and then continued on. A smile on his face. After asking many directions the man finally found himself in the main room. A long hallway. Guards lining each side. In front a single throne. IN it a king dressed in extravagant clothing. Slowly the man approached the king and then fell to 1 knee.

Man: My king.

King: Why do you enter my presence?

Man: I come to offer tribute. A token of my thankfulness.

The king made a gesture with his hand and 2 guards approached the man. The man laid the bag down and the 2 guards ran there hands through it. Finding nothing but gold. The guards satisfied stepped back to there position.

King: I ask one thing though.

Man: Yes.

King: No man, no matter how rich or powerful gives gold without asking in return. What do you seek? What do you want in return?

An evil grin fell over he mans face.

Man: For you to die.

The kings eyes widened with horror but it was too late. The man waved his hands and a slender metal spike came out, landing right between the eyes of the king. He slumped forward collapsing down the stairs. The guards began to fall in from all directions, swords raised ready to attack. The man quickly picked up the bag and began waving it over his head. It began to ripple as it swung. The first guard came into striking distance but soon stopped as the bag collided with his head, There was a sickening cutting sound as a metal blade formed on the edge of the bag decapitating the guard. The second guard attacked from behind and plunged the sword into the mans back with all of his might. The sword went all the way through his body and the guard collided with the back of the man. suddenly a 1 foot spike plopped out of the mans back and impaled the guard. A third guard charged and slashed downward. The man quickly turned and the sword connected with the guard still impaled on his back. The bag swinging above the mans head slowly began to retract till it was only an inch thick but 2 feet long. The man retracted the spike from his back and the impaled guard fell on top of the attacking guard. The man quickly positioned himself with his back to the wall. He eyed each of the 4 guards as they approached. They charge and the view changes to the door into the kings chambers where 2 guards stand. Suddenly the door flies open and the king begins to walk out. The guards quickly take a knee as he passes. The king quickly walks though the busy streets. peasants bowing as he hurries past till he finally meets the draw bridge guards.

King: Lower the draw bridge now.

Guard: Sir?

King: NOW!

The guard quickly kicked out the brace and the draw bridge. The bridge had barely stopped as the king stormed across it. He stopped as he stood on the outskirts of the castle, the 6 guards joined by the 2 gate keepers all took a knee behind where the king was now staring.

Guard: Are you O.K. sir?

King: Fine now.

The king reached into his pocket and pulled out a black stone. He rolled it in his hand a second before he tossed it in the air. It drifted in the air for a long distance before it exploded in a black flash of light. Almost automatically a cloud of dust was seen in the distance. The guards all quickly stood up and the king turned towards them. He began rippling.

Guard: WHAT IS IT!


The guards quickly began to run in the castle. But the king waved his hand. A long chain plunged out of his hand, and ripped through the stomachs of 2 guards before it collided with the chain that controls the draw bridge. It snapped leaving the bridge in the down position. The remaining 6 guards turned and drew there weapons. But there weapons soon fell to the ground as they saw the oncoming army of undead.

The next 30 minutes were nothing but pure blood. The undead led by Abadon laid waste to the inhabidance of the castle. Not a man, woman or child was left alive. People who resisted were impaled on wooded poles and stuck outside the castle as a warning.

Slowly Abadon strolled down the once busy main road of the castle. The once brown dirt now stained with blood of countless innocent victims. Slowly Abadon stopped as he approached a dead guard. A slight twitch occurred from the guards pocket as a silver liquid began to flow out of it and into the foot of Abadon. He grinned.

Abadon: Told you I would be getting this back.

Slowly a skeleton captain approached Abadon.

Captain: Sir the compound is secure. Not a living thing remains. the gate has been fixed. Will you be returning to Tristram?

Abadon: Yes, the master needs me. Is the “Treasure” secure?

Captain: Yes sir the treasury was seized without trouble. All of this kingdoms gold and the mine is now ours.

Abadon: Good. You know the rule, if they breath, kill it.

With that Abadon strolled off returning to Tristram.