Delusional Dreams

(The oh so famous Inn in Tristam)

(the camera asscends the stairs and enters the upstairs rooms, finally entering Exile's room)

(The room is now a mess, broken bottles litter the floor, 2 of the bed's pillows are on the floor, there is a bowl of food on the table half-spilt, and a sleeping, snoring, form passed out of the bed)

(*In Exile's Dream*)

(Exile runs from a shadowy figure, it keeps gaining, then stopping, gaining and stopping, his feet feel like their in mud as think as mollases. A hard object knocks him over the head and he falls into the mud.)

(The shadowy figure formed into an old, wizzened man carrying a staff made of a gnarled wood that seemed as wizzened as the man itself)

Old Man: Exile, wake up, you needend not sleep when you are required

Staff(yes the staff can talk, remember, Exile drank 5 beers before sleeping): Use the bow you found, use it to exact your revenge. But remember, sometimes, to tell the truth, you must lie...lie....lie...lie *fade out word*

(*Back In Exile's Room*)

(Exile snaps awake and takes stock of his situation quickly)

Exile: Ok, I'm in an Inn at Tristam, Idran is unconcious and delusional, and I found that....bow.....

(Exile runs to his backpack and finds that the old wooden bow he found had turned into one made of precious metals, the arrows that came with it we're now tipped with a goldish metal)

Exile: Hmmmm, strange....

(Sounds of the Inn door opening and voices comming from it come from downstairs, Exile hurredly puts on his armor, checks his gear, and silently jumps out a window.....He sees Kain walking towards an empty field)

Exile: ....Must be delusionsal

(He then follows Kain hiding in the brush...)