Surprised Awakening

In a stream of consciousness, Kain's vision came into place, and he looked about the Inn. The group from earlier were now around him, and it appeared they were all sleeping. He had also fallen asleep, though he had not meant to. His leg must have felt otherwise. His leg… Kain looked down at it, unwrapping the bandage he had put on it earlier. He was relieved to find it almost completely healed, though obviously not from the bandage. He ran his palm across just above the wound, it was the woman who had healed him, obvious magical energy was still about the wound. None-the-less, it was time for him to leave, best while they were asleep.

Kain pulled himself to his feet, feeling a surge of pain along with it. Though not nearly as bad as before. He walked over to the table, quietly pulling his swords from it. Without a single sound, he brought his swords behind him, sliding them into their sheaths on his back. With his swords, he turned looking the Inn over one last time. A sudden push of will shot through his mind, along with his eyes glowing of lightning. Intruder… he could kill him right now… though Kain was extremely tempted, he finally decided against it. He owed them… or the girl at least, and did not wish to get into a skirmish with them. Kain knew the Necromancer would betray them, but now was not the time. Kain turned, walked out the door, being sure to open it so it would not creak.

Outside, Kain had only made it a few steps, when he dropped his head troubled.

From behind him Celes' voice pushed through. "I thought you'd try to leave"

"The more I'm around your group, the more I'm around the necromancer. And the more I'm around him, the more I'm pushed to kill him… and you do not wish it"

"Yes, well... Celes by the way… earlier you wondered about my name… It's Celes."

"Thank you for healing me… Celes." Kain again tried to leave, but Celes continued speaking.

"What do you plan to do now?"

"The only thing I can do… fight… I owe you for helping me… I'll be around to repay it. "

Celes' eyes dart behind her as she hears the Inn door creaking open, revealing Intruder. She looks back at Kain, who has again, completely disappeared.

"I'll have to get Atlas to pin him down, just so we can have a real conversation."

Intruder sends a menacing look towards Celes, then turning and slamming the door to the Inn. "I hope he chokes on your friendly attitude!"

"What are you doing up anyway Intruder?"

"Oh… I… I needed some fresh air! All this daylight is making me sick!"

Celes sighs, walking back inside the Inn. Intruder stays fixed in place, his dark eyes following her every move. Once she disappears inside the Inn, Intruder turns the other way, walking towards the gates to hell.

"Cobalt! Where are you, you infernal rat!"

From above the Inn a small winged creature lazily flutters down to Intruder, coming to a hard landing on Intruder's staff.

"Sorry boss, was sleeping y'know."

"We have work to do. Besides, we wont be with this group for long, don't start to pick up their sickening daylight habits of sleeping at night"

Intruder walks up to hell's gate, an evil grin coming to his face…