Struggling thru...extreme boredom...

(Location: The middle of a forest some distance from Tristram)

(Arguing voices are heard over the otherwise serine sounds of the area)


Idran: How was I to know she'd react that way?

Exile: Because of you, we got thrown out of that tavern and out of a nice, hot meal

Idran: Hey! It was YOU that got us ran out of town

Exile: It wasn't me! I swer! It was the one-armed man!

Idran: Suuuuure, hey, you got rid of the feces-scent

Exile: Yeah, I wanted to smell dignified when we got to Tristram

Idran: *mummbling* Yeah, now if you could only act dignified

Exile: Come again?

Idran: Nothing, c'mon, we're just taking up space here...I'm gonna switch to the next scene

Exile: Ok, do it

(Idran reaches to the top of the screen, pulls on a transfer screen, and pulls down)

(fade to black)

(The next scene opens on the Inn where the group is currently residing, Atlas is passed out in a couch, Intruder is descreetly reading a book, Glitterspike was of doing Paladin stuff, and Shin leaned against a wall asleep)

Intruder: Sleeping like babies.....excellent.....

Atlas: *mummbling incoherantly* And I says....don't touch my damn stump!

(Shin seems to be in terrible pain, (Hey! I'm no doctor, it just says magic-users are sensitive to it, if it was up to me, I'd just give him a Tylenol...*The Author places a Tylenol in Shin's stomach and he then falls asleep*)

Exile: Don't worry....there has to be a healer in this place somewhere

(Exile spots the bright light comming form the Inn, it was night and a thunderstorm has began pouring down, adding already to the budding despair knowing he couldn't do anything)


Voice from Behind Inn Door: Nobody here but us rats

Exile: Intruder, move yer @$$ and unbar this door now!

Intruder: Exile, that you?

Exile: Yeah, and open up, It's raining and I'm getting wet

(Intruder unbars the door and let's Exile in)

Intruder: Someone that insulted you *motions towards Idran*

Exile: No, where's that living pain-in-the-side called Shin Hikaru?

Intruder: Asleep, it's way late, you sleep, I'll take care of your friend

Exile: Alright.....I need to rest anyways....

Intruder: Hey Exile, you wearing colonge? If you are, it must have gone bad

Exile: It's ummm......A new kind of herb I'm carrying

Intruder: Ah, ok....Good night...

(Exile trudges upstairs to a room, there he finds a bed, chest of drawers, a small wooden case to keep your possesions in, and a bow......strange thing to be kept there...Exile takes the bow, places it in his backpack, pulls his boots off (B.O.!!!), and jumps into bed...He had a lot on his mind, he kept thinking and thinking, until he fell asleep....)