Enter Glitterspike

(It is nighttime in Arkanok, the night after the group of makeshift hero's moved out towards Tristram. There is little movement, except for a single soul moving toward the well near the center of Town. The man that is moving is known as Cain, Last of the Horadrim. )

(Cain is a wise man, in every aspect of the word. And yet, he still can't seem to convince people that as old as he is he should get to 'cut ahead' of the other people in everydays line up for the use of the one well in town. Something he is constantly unhappy about. Mumbling about the days when he could have all the water he wanted in Tristram, he did not notice the man that was walking up behind him.)

Man from Behind: My good sir, what are you doing out so late at night?

Cain: (startled) Aaaahh! Who are you?!? And why do you care about how late I am out at night?

Man: I am here looking for a man named Cain. Do you need help? I would be glad to be of service to you.

Cain: (startled again) Umm, sure you can help me. (Hands him two of his buckets of water, taking the other himself)

(Cain leads the Man to his home and has him put the water inside. He then leads the man back outside, and is preparing to close the door to his home and lock it from this man, but the man speaks too quickly.)

Man: Wait a moment please! (Cain hesitates from closing the door, though it's apparent that he wants to lock this manic out.) I need to find a man that lives in this town. His name is Cain.

Cain: Umm, I am named Cain. But I really must be going to bed. It is late… (Tries to close the door again)

Man: No! I am Sorry to be a bother and to keep you from your rest, but I need information!

Cain: (The old talkative mode that he was in while it Tristram kicks in) Hrm.. Stay awhile and listen.

(Cain let the man back into his home and had him sit down at the small table in the two-room house.)

Cain: Now what is it you want to hear?

Man: I want to hear of the evils. For it has been said that they will be let out again. And I must stop them!

Cain: Alone against the evils you are nothing. You must find allies to help you fight them.

Man: All right Great Deckard Cain! But where shall I find these allies?

Cain: Hmm let me think. Oh yes! I sent a group of Travelers on the way to Tristram just the other day! You need to meet up with them. Of course… I doubt they'll except you kindly.

Man: Thank you Great Horadrim. May the teachings of Zakarum bless you!

(The man leaves, and Cain lets out a sigh of relief when he is gone.)

Cain: If I don't see another one like him, it will be too soon….

(Meanwhile, the man having gotten his knowledge, went to the local inn and spent the night, and departed at dawn the next morning, for Tristram.)

(The town of Tristram had been quiet for about 3 hours following the sealing of Hell and Abadon's removal from the fields of battle. The man in black had settled to tend to his wound in a hut that had been left standing and did not have many signs of evil around it. Outside of town, the party that was to destroy Diablo and the evils were coming up on this seemingly deserted city. Also there was another figure, though somewhat distant, a man dressed in white garments, with a white spear in front of him and a shield on his left arm. It is obvious he has chain mail under his garments, and he glows slightly as he rides. But he is not the main figure there now. The party had found what they were heading towards, a town that Shin Hikaru knew all too well. They were about a two-minute ride now from Tristram.)

Atlas: Is this what we're looking for?

Celes: Yes! This is it.

Intruder: (looking at the dark, deserted town and mumbling to himself) Looks like my kinda place.

Cobalt: (from over intruders shoulder) Yeah boss! Let's stay here for awhile.

(The group enters the 'gates' of the town, to find it run down and most of the buildings Shin once knew we're either demolished or dark looking with all of the windows covered and the door boarded up. It did not seem like a pleasant place.)

(In the Distance, the man that was riding toward the group was drawing nearer after the group had stopped in town. Though it was around 2:00 in the afternoon (or would be….) The rider was clearly seen, due to the odd glow that shined off of him. As Intruder was looking for a place to use to hide from daylight, he was the first to notice the odd glowing figure.)

Intruder: (recognizing the glow of the paladin) Erm, a Paladin of Westmarch. (Grumbles to himself) Just what this group needs…

(Intruder walks quickly over to Shin Hikaru, who is standing near where the cows used to graze, next to the now caved in entrance to the catacombs.)

Intruder: There is a Paladin from the Nation of Westmarch coming down the way. You may want to do something about him, because I don't want to even go near him.

Shin: What would he want?

Intruder: Probably to join our group and combat the forces of evil. That was the motto of the paladins that left Westmarch months ago.

Shin: Uhh, why do you know so much about Paladins?

Intruder: Ever heard of the phrase: "Know your enemies"?

Shin: Well, I guess I'll get the rest together and we'll talk to him when he gets down here.

(A few minutes later the group has prepared for the Paladin's arrival. The Paladin rides up the trail, now with his glow brighter as he nears the small group. As he enters the gates to the town the group springs out, and the Paladin immediately stops his horse as it springs itself onto two legs for a moment because of the sudden stop.)

(Shin, who is in front, is the first to speak)

Shin: Who are you and what do you want?

Man: I am known as Glitterspike in the armies of westmarch, because of the sparkling halberd that I use most in battle. And I am here to find a group that Deckard Cain said was fighting the Evils of the land.

Shin: That would be us, but why would we want you in our group?

Glitterspike: I am an excellent fighter and a healer too, in times of need. I can bless this group to make our strikes fall on our enemies' weak points.

Shin: It seems we have a lot of 'excellent fighters.' What sets you apart from the rest?

Glitterspike: I am a Paladin, and evil stands no chance against me. Plus if you don't let me into your group I'll be forced to follow you. For if you are to fight evil, I must be with you.

Shin: We'll have to think about that….