The Awakening

Kain flinched as he saw his leg. He felt a warm liquid trickling down his calve and a soft sting in his shin. He pulled himself off of the ground and leaned against a nearby fountain. He peered inside it, smelling decayed flesh. Kain decided not to investigate how the contents found their way there.

Looking around him, he saw two huts to his right. One had an overturned anvil and a collection of swords underneath an awning of straw. Above that, there was a dilapidated house, probably an inn, complete with an old creaky door and a rustling roof of thatched sticks and straw.

To his left, he saw a small, burning house. Multiple potions had been tossed around the entrance, along with an occasional scroll. Between the inn and the burning house was another smaller one. Its doors were barred and its windows shut. A cold breeze tugged at his cloak, insisting he find shelter. Not wanting to bother the denizens of the sealed off house, he limped to the inn, closing the door behind him.

Abadon smiled in the dim light. Behind him, two skeletons dragged the warrior down the bumpy steps of Diablo’s former residence. He smiled inwardly as he heard the warrior’s knees hit the ground and drag across the hard surface as they stepped off the stairs. In front of him, Abadon saw a square chamber, lit by unknown flames...
He approached the chamber, then entered through a small opening in the side. He was almost surprised by what he saw.

The six other Evils stared at him, expecting something. Abadon looked at each in turn, Duriel, Belial, Azmodan, Andariel, Mephisto, and Baal.

“I am... at a loss for words, my friends. How long has it been since our greatest comrade was imprisoned inside this soul stone? Almost two years, no? The time has come for The Lord of Terror to once again blanket the world in darkness, hasn’t it? He shall watch over us with his powerful scales of power, he will nurture us with his deathly, glowing, crimson eyes, and he will destroy our enemies with his mind piercing scream of terror! DIABLO, JOIN US IN THESE FIERY CATACOMBS AND TEMPLES AND CAVES AND PITS OF HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLL AND FEAST UPON THE ENTRAILS OF OUR ENEMIES AND QUENCH OUR THIRSTS WITH THEIR BLOOD!!!”, says Abadon, slowly building his voice from icy cool to a fiery and unholy scream of death.

The warrior’s eyes glowed red for a moment... and another... and another... he fell to the floor, spikes erupting from his back and tearing his clothes. Horns sprouted from his temples, scales bursted from underneath his flesh, fire awoke from his mouth, claws grey from his hands, and a devilish, powerful laugh erupted from his chest, filling the room with the ambrosia of Diablo and his terrifying minions, TERROR!

Celes collaped on the ground, clutching her sides. Shin Hikaru clawed at his temples, grimacing with some unknown pain. Intruder flopped onto his back, convulsing and releasing bursts of blasphemous magic and death.

“What’s going on?! CELES?!”, shouted Atlas, looking around him, wondering what was happening.

“NNNNNNYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”, shouted Intruder. He was having violent siezures, coughing up blood and flailing his arms, vainly trying to stabilize himself. Celes gradually regained her composure, along with Shin Hikaru, but they were still grimacing and breathing heavily. Intruder flexed his hands, digging into his palms as he gripped at nothing. Celes put a soothing hand on his forehead, releasing a calming azure glow. It only stopped the bleeding.

“I can’t help him... He’s too well taught in magic...”, said Celes, trying again.

“It’s Diablo... He’s awakened already. His awakening must’ve sent an immensely powerful pulse of mana. The more skilled you are with magic, the more you receive. Mana is pretty... unstable, and well, it does to us what just happened.”, explains Shin Hikaru to Xeiss and Atlas.

Intruder calmed himself. He had taken a pretty big hit of mana. He wiped the blood off his chin and neck.

“What’s wrong? Surprised at my superiority?”, said Intruder, walking towards Tristram, prompting the others to follow.

“More like arrogance”, thought Atlas, as he reached back and pulled Cobalt in front of him.

“Don’t even think it, Cobalt.”, said Atlas, shaking a finger.

Within a few tense moments, they had reached Tristram.

“Hmmm... An inn, a burning hut, a blacksmith, a miscellaneous house that’s locked up... I’ll see you guys in the inn, I need some Z’s.”, said Celes, stretching out and yawning.

Atlas followed her close behind, making sure nothing could harm her. Xeiss went in too, along with Shin Hikaru, wincing as he felt the gaping hole in his head. Intruder surveyed his surroundings... Yes, this was it. It was Tristram... home of a Horadrim monastery, as well as Diablo. What a dangerous clash of good and evil. He felt a jerk in his throat as he sensed something he felt near... It was Baal. He could feel him conversing with the demons below the ground, basking in the fires of Hell.

Intruder was interrupted from his scheming however, mostly because of the shrill shriek from Celes inside the inn. He rushed inside to see what was wrong.

“It’s that guy we met earlier... oohh, what’s his name? Kain! That’s him.”, said Celes, noticing the gash in his thigh,” His leg is in pretty bad shape. She began to move her hand over the wound, creating a blinding blue glow, and rapidly healing his wound.

“Let him sleep... he, as well as all of us, will need it.”, said Shin Hikaru.

“Speak for yourselves.”, said Intruder, propping himself in a corner near the fireplace and opening a thick, ancient book, pretending to read over it in the warm glow of the fire. He watched them all fall asleep, so innocently and naively...