Horrors of Tristram

Small clanking footsteps are heard from afar. In the distance a dark figure approaches the now deserted town of Tristram. Deserted after Shin Hikaru defeated Diablo. But it was not deserted for long. For with each day the cloaked figure approached the ghost city the dead began to rise from there grave. Forming an army. Finally the cloaked figure stood on the outskirts of Tristram. Infront of him ungodly amounts of skeletons and zombies. Looking at him with blood on there mind.

Skeleton Leader: Dumb Mortal. I shall feast apon your soul.

The skeleton raised his sword and charged at the figure. Unnoticed a slender metallic whip fell from his cloak. The skeleton came within striking distance and suddenly the cloaked figure threw his hand forward. The metallic whip snapped against the spine of the skeleton severing it in two. Both parts fell to the ground. The skeleton leader began screaming in agony. The army readied there weapons and prepared to attack but stopped. They watched as the cloak of the cloaked man began to ripple. It began to get tighter until it seemed to merge with whatever was below. Finally the rippling stopped and the figure held out his hand. In it was a large red stone. Shinning with an evil aura.

2nd In command: Abadon.....

The army quickly dropped to there knees. Slowly ripples in the face area could be seen and the cloth began to turn a metallic color. Facial features began to take shape till finally it stopped. The army gazed apon in awe.

Abadon: I greet the followers of Diablo. Quickly we must not waste time. Bring the masters new body.

The army began to part like Mosses parted the red sea. 2 Large skeletons dragged with them a barely conscious warrior. Scarred and beaten. The skeletons quickly pulled his arms out from his side and kicked out his legs making him fall to his kneeís. Abadon approached him and slowly held out his other hand. A small point appeared on his index finger. He slowly began to trace a circle on the mans forehead.

Abadon: For you master.

With his other hand he held the soulstone in the air. He slammed it down into the mans head with a force that should have shattered his skull. But it didnít, but the man wished it would have. He rang out in agony. Not at the new decoration in his forehead, but he felt the evil flowing through his veins. He screamed in agony as a new surge of energy flowed through him. With all his might he pulled, slamming the skeletons holding him down into each other. He jumped to his feet and charged at Abadon. Total rage filled his eyes. Not mortal nor god. Abadon quickly side stepped the man, he ran bye and Abadon turned to watch the man as he ran past. The man stopped and turned towards Abadon. He charged at him again. Abadon quickly held his arms out forward. his metallic whips quickly extended and wrapped themselves around the charging man. The metal whips suddenly hardened and the man found himself pushing against the metal coils. Abadon quickly flinched. His feet began to melt rooting into the very ground he stood on. Not along the man to push forward. He screamed in rage as he tried to break his bonds. And break he did. With one final thrust the whips broke from the palms of Abadonís hand. Abadon gasped in horror as the man charged forward once again.

Abadon: Oh dear.

The man gripped one of the metal whips still attacked to his wrist and used it like a sledge hammer and brought it down apon Abadon who could not move. The metal collided with Abadon with a sickening ripping sound. A small section of Abadonís face ripped off. Revealing a layer of flesh then metal. But the man did not follow up. He stopped. His eyes began to glow red. The bonds around the mans wrist broke as he began to grow. He fell to his knees and held his head in pain. Abadon Gestured and the 2 skeletons picked the man up again and carried him away. Slowly Abadon un-rooted himself and turned towards the army.

Abadon: Everyone below, his master wishes for this entrance to be closed permanently.

2nd In command: MOVE OUT!

The skeletons began to file away towards the entrance to Hell. Slowly Abadon walked to where a section of his face and his whips laid. As he approached they began to melt. He gently laid his foot on the now puddle of metal and with a ripple it absorbed into him.

Abadonís concentration was suddenly disturbed as the sound of metal slicing bone was heard. To the North he saw a battle ensuing. A very tall and dark man fought against a patrol of skeletons. The man with his 2 sword ripped through the skeletons like they were not even there. A grin fell apon Abadonís face.

Abadon: Amazing.

Almost like he heard it the man turned towards Abadon. He began to approach him at a high rate of speed.

Abadon: I donít have time for this.

Abadon quickly fell to his knees and punched the ground. Both the man and Abadon watched as a line formed between Abadon and the oncoming man. About 4 steps away from the oncoming man a spike shot out of the ground 5 feet in the air. And then another and another. Guessing what would happen next the man quickly changed directions with ungodly speed and strafed left. The spike caught the man in the calf ripping a deep gash into it. He fell on the ground with a *thump*. Satisfied Abadon withdrew his hand, and with it the spikes. The man tried to rise but the wound was very deep and caused pain with every step. Impairing walking. He tried to hobble where Abadon was walking away but Abadon was walking too fast. The man could only watch as Abadon disappeared into a hole in the ground. A shaking was felt and the man fell to the ground again. The hole began to close up. The shaking stopped and the man hobbled over to where the hole once was.

Kain: Evil can not hide, and I do not sleep. We will fight again, man to beast.

[Fade to black]