Omens Call

[A peaceful countryside]

The light dimmed, the stars shone brighter, and the willow wisps slowly darted out of hiding, as the sun disappeared over the rim of mountains. The field was completely uninhabited, saving only wildlife, and a few creatures going to their respective work, whatever they felt it was at the time. Through it all however, one light pushed through the darkness, brighter then the rest. Not the Sun, the Moon or a Star, but a plummeting mass, creating a stream of light for its tail. And this light, was heading for the country, very, very, quickly. Air burned, fire hissed, and the earth screamed all in unison, as the mass slammed through the nearby stream, coming to a stop deep into the Earth.

Most would call this an omen, from what would soon come. Some would call it a gift from heavens, while still others would call it a tear in the fabric of only which was known as "Above", at this time. One man would call it a beginning.

(Someone smacks Shadow upside the head for that bad intro)


The newly formed group of travelers advanced on the road to Tristram, hoping to be close on the heels of Abadon. Intruder stayed to the back of the group mumbling incoherent phrases to himself, while the others stayed up in front of him, conversing with each other, and exchanging war stories. This would soon cease however, as they passed out into an open field. The group, save Atlas and Xeiss, all suddenly stopped, clenching their heads. Atlas looked at them curiously, looking around for the source of their distraught faces.

"Something I said?" Atlas shrugged. "You all act like I passed gas or something, and I'm pretty sure I didn't..."

"Who IS that?!" Intruder yelled out "That energy... it's killing me!"

The group slowly removed their hands, as the energy left them, and a man, slowly stepped out. The only one seeming to be hurt from the energy was Intruder, and his pet, the others were only slightly overwhelmed when it hit. The man walked forward, his face only showing a look of pure inquisitorial thought, racing through his mind. The group looked the strange man over, him being around 6'3 in height, wearing a cloak, which led from a cape covering two extremely long swords, up to a hood which covered his face just enough to hide his eyes. The swordsman of the group however, weren't interested in the man, only in his swords. Two Katanas, around 6 feet in length, held on his back and lined together in an X pattern. The hilt of each was a strange black color, each carved into a Dragon. The strangest part about them was, the hilt of each sword was down, and the blade was facing up, defying physics, where any other sword held up in that method would fall down to the ground. The other thing that caught their eye, was how the blade shone brightly, like it had never been used, only polished daily. The man could only stare about the group, (through his hood it seemed, as it covered his face down to his eyes, the way he held it now) unsure about anything. Except something else drove through him. With lightning quickness his hands flew behind him, pulling the blades out and downward, bringing them in an arc around his sides, the blades came to a stop in front of him, the blades facing out at opposite sides, in a sort of triangle pattern. It was about now that the group could react, beginning with Intruder who scowled, his eyes turning a deep black, as a bolt of flying death headed for the man in front of him. In only a slight movement, the blade altered in position, moving in front of the black energy. The energy met the blade, which seemed to cut the energy in half, dissipating it outward. The man raised his head up, finally revealing his eyes, though only to Intruder. Intruder stared at them, almost seeming to fall into a trance. The eyes were a shade of blue that would rival the sky, or the bluest ocean. However something made Intruder shake off the feeling of a trance. A bolt of what looked like lightning, shot straight through the man's eyes, and then disappeared, leaving no trace. Intruder normally would have taken this time to attack, however one of the others stepped in front of Intruder, holding his blade in defense. It was Shin Hikaru.

"Who are you, and why have you attacked us?"

The man seemed lost at this question, his head, as well as his two blades dropping slightly. He only mumbled out a slight response.

"I... I don't know... All I know is this man must die"

The man again raised his blades, and although the hood covered his eyes from it, he could clearly somehow tell Shin Hikaru would not let him kill this... man... that he somehow knew he must kill.

Shin Hikaru spoke, though not showing any signs of movement. "This man is under our protection, fight him..."

Celes continued "And you fight us."

The man was clearly annoyed at this, although it did not seem like he cared about fighting them all. Only that he did not want to hurt them. Intruder was the only one he felt he had to kill, the others were just the opposite. In a clear moment of disdain, with the same lightning quickness that he had drawn them, his swords flew back and around, coming to a quick stop back in the X pattern on his back, again defying gravity.

"That man can not be trusted... but I can not fight you, just to get to him." The man removed his hood, showing his black hair, and blue eyes to the rest of the group. Intruder stared at him, wondering if the electricity he had seen was an illusion, or something else...

"You have no memory?" Celes questioned the man, quite curiously.

"No, I can't remember anything before today, not even my own name."

"Kain..." Xeiss walked out, from her previous quietness. "That's the only thing I can find in his mind, aside from his strong will to kill Intruder."

"Kain... could that be your name? How about we call you that until you can find if it is your real name?" Celes gave a smile, as Intruder scowled again, which he seemed to do a lot of lately.

"I suppose I should be called something, and Kain does not sound bad. Would you tell me where are you headed?"

Celes answered the man, before anyone could prevent her from it. "We're going to Tristram in the east, to prevent the king of evil Diablo from..."

Celes did get interrupted however, by Intruder. "He doesn't need to know! Don't even THINK about inviting him into this group.

"Then Tristram is where I will be. Thank you lady... well, I suppose it does not matter if I know your name"

The group turns behind them, as they hear a loud crash. Their view is met with a tree, totally broken from its trunk, yet no signs of anything that broke it. As they realize what happened, they turn back, only to find Kain gone, no sign of him left.

"Those blades... no mere man... person... would be allowed use of them. He is not one to be taken lightly." Xeiss walked forward, pressing the group to continue on.

"Whatever that man is, he is not our top concern right now. Diablo is, so lets get moving." Shin Hikaru strove out in front of Xeiss, pressuring the group to move faster.

[Tristram, sometime later]

A figure walks in to town, removing his hood, and looking about the town. Met by a sight that would bring most to their knees, or to their feet running in the opposite direction... Kain's eyes again flashed electricity. As he looked the former town over, all that remained was a warrior of evil, and the sight of a countless army of skeletons, raising from the depths, and forming to serve a new master. Countless warriors that once fought evil, now were evil, in the irony of it all. But this man did not care for irony.

"Murasume, Masamune... We come, and they... they shall die."

The man's eyes dart back to his blades on his back.

"The blades... Murasume, Masamune?" He looks back forward, at the army beginning to notice his presence. "Then let us go, our memory may be gone, but we shall fight this... evil."

The man slowly walks forward, drawing his blades...