Coming in late but still arriving

(A house on the outskirts of a city)

(It's black, and man does my head hurt, and now that voice...Seems familiar though)

Familiar Voice: Get up, you've been lying there like a zombie for 10 hours now

(Opening my eyes, Owwww, damn sunlight streaming in)

FV: At least your awake, now get up, time to eat lunch

(I stagger awake, get off the bed, and promptly trip over my shoes)

FV: Clumsy as a blind ogre, c'mon, lemme help you up, I swear, it always happens when you spend half the night drinking that band of Paladins under the table

(The FV helps me up, I eventually open my eyes, seems he cooked up something delicious)

*this story will now shift to 3-rd person, please cope with dificulties*

Idran: I swear Exile, you spend too much time drinking

Exile: If you wern't such a good friend, you'd be lying on the floor dead right now

Idran: I doubt it, you culdn't even throw a punch in your current state

Exile: Well, what's for lunch?

Idran: You havn't had a good job in a while, so it's bread, goat cheese, fish, and water today

Exile: Hmpf, any mail for us?

Idran: Eat up first....We'll talk later

(Idran and Exile sit down and eat their meal. In a few minuites, all that was left we're crumbs, fish bones, and 2 empty glasses)

Idran: Ah, that was good, now here...There was one scroll....

(Exile unfurls the scroll, in it is this text)

Atlas here, killing demons and such, if you wanna come with. Meet me in Whitestone, bring Idran with you, I want him to meet Celes, she says something about exchanging magical information. Go figure magic-users.....Well, till then.


(Exile rolls up the scroll and places it in a pouch)

Idran: Off to Whitestone, arn't we?

Exile: Yes, where are the horses?

Idran:*sighing* Downstairs, you always forget where the horses are don't you?

Exile: Don't count it against me, now get your stuff

(Exile runs to his room and grabs the stuff he'll need, a backpack filled with, you know, adventuring stuff. A set of throwing daggers, 2 short swords, a long sword, and his canteen full of ale)

Exile: Can't ever forget my most important item.....

(Exile disables the 50 or so traps that guard his closet, in there is a set of chain mail armor that would make all noise of his movements nullified. He then walks out into the hallway where Idran was waiting impaitiently)

Idran: I thought you fell in, c'mon, we have to leave now or else we won't make it to Whitestone by dusk

Exile: Right, let's go

(Exile locks the door to the house, hitches up his horse, and falls off)

Idran: Still drunk, oh valliant hero?

Exile: Get off it

(the horse unloads an un-healthy bunch of, feces, on Exile's head *mind you, Exile's human in this story* )

Idran: ooooo, the horse has good taste....*giggles*

Exile: Oh man, I'll be smelling like this for weeks...Do we have time for a bath?

Idran: Do you even need to ask?

(After a quick bath, and cleaning up his equiptment, Exile saddles on the horse and rides off for Whitestone)

*4 Long hours with nothing to do but listen to the intricisies of magic fill the trip, Exile is nearly catatonic when they arrive at the Whitestone Inn*

Innkeeper: Good gods man, do you work at a stable?

Exile: Errrr, a little "accident" on the trail. Is a man by the name of Atlas here, say, about 'nay tall?

(Exile makes a rough approximation of Atlas's hight with his hand)

Inn Patron: God! Where is that stench comming from?

(Idran bursts out laughing, people start to stare)

Innkeeper: Yes, there was a man here like that, had a woman with him

Exile: Yes, that's him

Innkeeper: Is your name Exile?

Exile: Yes

Innkeeper: Then this is for you, now get out before I have to fumigate this place!

(Exile takes the scroll and runs out the doors, dragging Idran behind him)

Had to skip out of town due to demon prblms, meet me in next city.


Exile: Great, more time spent on a horse with you

Idran:(Regaining composure) Well, sorry, but you do want to show Atlas your not totally incapable of magic

Exile: Fine fine, tell me about it on the trail....It's gonna be a long ride........