Souls of Sin Day One

[Deep inside the fiery depths of hell.]

(Demons run wild. Bodies of would be travelers decorate the walls in shackles. On the sixteenth floor of Hell two beings fight out one time and one time only. A lone warrior, armed only with his six foot long sword and smarts was there, he was Shin Hikaru, opposing him was The lord of Terror, Diablo, claws waving wildly and scales bleeding. The two beings exchanged blows. Blow after blow was delivered. Elsewhere, a lone man stands infront of an anvil, hammering away at swords for the undead legions. He was the best blacksmith of Diablo. His name was forgotten only to replaced by smithy. He hammered away at a sword, occasionally dipping it in the large vat of melted steel in front of him. Suddenly a large scream was heard through out Hell. Diablo flailed his arms in the air as Shin Hikaruís sword was brought down upon his chest ripping it in two. The demons left by Shin ran rampage searching for the exit, fearing for there lives after the death of there master. A demon quickly ran by the smithy and grabbed the very sword he was working on, then began to run off, but the smithy grabbed the demons shoulder.)


Demon: Heís dead! Diablo is dead!

(Smithy let go and the demon ran away and he let him join the rest of the panicking demons. Slowly the Smithy began to put his tools away. His only reason for living, dead. After all of his tools were put away his eyes came across the large vat of heated metal infront of him. He turned his back to the vat.)

Smithy: For you Diablo.

(The Smithy pushed off and began falling into the vat of the heated metal. His body was quickly engulfed. Steam rose from the vat as the manís flesh burned from the heat, and then nothing moved. Not even a mouse.)

(The smithyís soul felt like it was being ripped apart. One part who wanted to just exist and spend the rest of eternity being content around the big anvil in the sky. But the other half was different. The other half was quite different, the other half wanted to live again. The other half wanted revenge for the death of its master. And so the smithyís soul split. One part went above and one stayed in Hell. A few days passed and then a voice rang out to the remains of the smithyís soul.)

Diabloís Voice: Please, listen to me, you have always been my most loyal servant. You have the power with all your hatred to be reborn in the flesh world. Be reborn and rescue your master.

[Smithyís Room in Hell]

(The room has changed much in the past few days. Remaining demons stole what they could and then made haste. All that remains it the vat of metal still heated by the flames of Hell and the anvil. Slowly a rumbling could be heard, and slowly the vat began to shake. Suddenly the vat began to shake erratically before it tipped over, shattering upon contact with the floor. Metal began to slide in all directions where it began to dry on the ground, but slowly it began to move. It began to collect in the center of the room. The metal began to rise up. Taking on the form of a man. The metallic shine soon turned into the pink flesh of a human. This new being began to look itself over. Raising its hand infront of its eyes. It began to concentrate, slowly the index finger began to ripple as it slowly began to form a point. And then the thumb began to become a point. and then the pinkie. Till finally all of its fingers were spikes. His palm began to ripple as a thin metallic string began to flow from it. It reached a length of 2 foot long before it finally stopped. The being waved his hand and there was a clanking sound as the metal whip snapped in the air. For the first time the being began to show a facial expression. It was one of pleasure. Slowly the whip began to retract, the spikes began to return to there normal shape. Slowly the skin covering the being began to turn black, till finally it had taken the shape of a cloak.)

Being: Abadon lives again.

(Slowly the being began to leave, searching for the former followers of Diablo, and searching to hone his skills and a way to receive retribution.)

(Stepping upon the blood stained floor, with lava raging besides him, Shin Hikaru stood vigilant, facing his opponent, DiabloÖ Diablo slowly falls upon the floor, meeting its own reflection as it splashes into his own pool of bloodÖA brisk wind comes out of nowhere and caresses Shin Hikaru, his short hair drifts in the direction of the gust as he slowly kneels down before his fallen foe...)

Shin Hikaru: At last, I have avenged them...

(A shiny object hovers before Shin Hikaru's vision as the enormous figure of Diablo slowly fades away...)

Shin Hikaru: The Soul Stone!!

(The Soul-Stone responded by growing brighter as Shin Hikaru makes contact...)

Shin Hikaru: The only way to end all of this is to...

(The crescent moon still shines from behind a wispy cloud, glowing white in the darkness of night upon the town of Tristram. All is over... or is it?)

(It was already years after the incident... the world seemed to be back to life, the sun shines ever peacefully upon the people. In the midst of all that, however, there was a lonely man, long forgotten for his deeds, Shin Hikaru...)

(Shin Hikaru's traumatized body now resides within the deep halls of the great Eastern Temple, he lies limp inside the exposed marble sarcophagus, his head shines like a beacon of light, illuminating his surroundings. Only there, may the powers of Diablo be sealed...)

(Suddenly, the sky shrieks with thunder as the ground evoked a tremendous earthquake, seemingly rallying up against the sturdy structure of the great temple. Its majestic walls began to shatter as lightning burst through the hard stone, the ground splits open and lava begin rising from within the gap... the sun enters a total eclipse, spreading the world with darkness. Within a short amount of time, the temple became nothing more than ashes before the great force of Nature. The only thing left is the exposed marble sarcophagus still containing Shin Hikaru. A streak of light beamed into the heavens from Shin Hikaru's pupils forming a maelstrom within the clouds. The sky breaks open as his body begun floating into its large whirlpool...)

(Shin Hikaru feels himself being flattened out, as if a steamroller is crushing his bones and squeezing out his vital fluids. He hears a muffled laughter as the steamroller effect wears off. Suddenly, the sky is gone, and all he sees are sharp, green blades. Little beads of water dot them, giving the blades an organic touch. He lifts himself off the ground, and notices that what he saw was grass.)

Being: Hello, Shin Hikaru. Youíve got something that belongs to me.

(The demon points at Shin Hikaruís forehead, where a red stone is imbedded.)

Shin Hikaru: Oh this thing? Nah, I canít you that, even though itís giving me a splitting headac-

(Shin Hikaruís world dims for a moment as a rough, bony foot kicks him in the stomach. Shin looks to his side to see a grinning skeleton, already drawing its sword and preparing to strike. The last thing Shin thinks before the skeleton swings the sword is "Oh my.". Fortunately, he was able to evade the blow. He grabs the sword from the skeleton and jams it into its eye socket.)

Shin Hikaru: Who are you?

Being: Me? Oh, Iím Abadon.

Shin Hikaru: Ah. I just wanted you to know your name so Iíd know who to inform about your recent death.

(Shin Hikaru draws his katana before the skeletons can react. It was time to fight.)

 Atlas trudged through the brush and clustering of trees. He was a large figure, typical of the barbarians of the western fringes of civilization. Next to him was a slender figure, unused to walking so far. She was Celes, a young sorceress, but still very skilled at magic. Atlas thought back to when he first met her...

She was running through the town, persued by an as of yet unknown foe. Her black hair spilled behind her in the desert wind as she ran between allies and jumped over clay pots. She tripped over a broken shard of clay and fell face first into the cold sand, scraping her elbows on the hardened and dried parts. She slowly turned around to face her attacker, gulping with disbelief.
The demon stepped forward, smiling. Its hands began to move, become more pointed. Celes finally realized what was happening. The demon's fingers extended, stiffening into sharp blades. They gleamed in the moonlight, shedding pure terror from their sharp and deadly tips.
The demon raised its palms, allowing Celes to witness something even more horrifying. The skin on his palms parted, allowing a thick strand of steel to crawl its way out. The demon felt the air with these tentacles, savoring the sound they made as they flew through the air. The demon walked even closer, its eyes beginning to turn into a different color... Gray...
"AGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH!", it shrieked as it hunched forward. Blood seeped down its back, and it fell down dead with another blow. Standing above the corpse was a massive barbarian, wielding two double headed axes dripping with blood. The figure sheathed the two massive blades into a strap on his back, and reached his hand out to clasp Celes'.
"Hello. My name is Atlas. Who are you?", said the barbarian, his calm voice somehow relaxing Celes. Celes stood up and walked toward this strange person, hopping over the dead figure of the demon. Together they walked away from the alley and into a nearby inn, chattering to each other as if they were siblings and together all their life. Atlas would soon learn however to finish what he had started...
The demon rose to its feet, changing its metallic limbs back to normal simultaneously. It would remember this day, and make sure to kill both of these people for their insolence...

 Atlas brought himself back to the present, where he was monotonously walking toward the lights in the far distance.
"AGH!", shouted Celes, collapsing on the wasteland's sand.
"What's wrong, Celes?!", shouted Atlas, rushing to her side immediately.
"Agh... I can feel it... He's near...", whispers Celes, clutching her sides.
"Remember when I was telling you... erg... about the Evils?".
"Well, it's Diablo... and something else... something good, but alongside Diablo...", said Celes. I finally registered in her mind.
"It's the Chosen One! It's the one with the Soulstone!", she shouted, hastily getting to her feet and hurting her sides.
"Huh?", says Atlas, perplexed.
"Atlas, it's the person who defeated Diablo! His name is Shin... Shin Hikaru...", she murmurs, her sides feeling better.
"Shin Hikaru? What's that mean?", asks Atlas, scratching his head.
"It means Godly Blaze. Agh! He's in danger! C'mon, Atlas. We've got to find him!", says Celes.
"How far is he?", says Atlas.
"About a mile from here, in the highlands. You've never been there, Atlas. The desert will soon turn to grassy hills. C'mon, we can buy some horses in the town ahead.", said Celes, preparing her limited teleport spell. Atlas never liked teleportation... He braced himself for the wieghtlessness soon to come. His vision blurred and turned to pure white, and he felt his guts floating around in his stomach as Celes bent reality.
"Oof!", shouted Atlas as he fell to the ground three feet below. Apparently Celes still needed to work on that spell. Where was she, anyway? He looked around. It was a nice town, with paved roads and paths. He saw Celes handing a man a handful of gold coins and lead two horses toward Atlas.
"Y'know, we coulda just stolen those.", said Atlas, mounting the horse and following Celes through the town. The path began to get rougher, and then it ended totally. Celes was unphased. She picked a path through the terrain, avoiding large rocks and small trees. She picks up speed and almost vanishes into a nearby forest, but Atlas has sped up too, enabling him to stay close. He looks ahead at Celes, then at the ground in front of her. It drops off quite quickly, creating a deadly fall... Celes does not see it in time, and her horse topples down the cliff, out of Atlas' sight.
"CELES!", shouts Atlas as he shook the reigns on his horse. Closing his eyes, he felt himself falling as the ground disappeared. He looked down to see nothing but blackness underneath his horse' flailing fleet. He fell forward as his horse's front feet touched land, sending him off balance as well as off the horse, right into the edge of the cliff. He looked back to see his horse falling through the air towards the bottom below. Too bad, Celes had probably payed quite a lot for it.
He clambered over the lip of the cliff to see flashes of light and hear the shrieking of metal on metal. As a bright yellow flash was emitted from the area, he saw Celes' slim form backing away from a tall demon.
"CELES!", Atlas shouted again as he ran towards the fight.

 Shin Hikaru brought his katana's blade down into the skeleton's rib cage. He jumped into the air as an arrow flew toward the area where he once stood. He looked back to see a dark skeleton grinning and pulling back the string on his bow, ready to release another arrow.
Unfortunately, that would never happen. Celes raised her arms and a column of fire surrounded her, licking at the air and then condensing into a ball of deadly fury. It traveled at a blinding speed toward the skeleton, incinerating it immediately in a gout of painful fire.
"Foolish girl, I'll have to teach you a painful lesson.", shouts the demon. Its fingers elongate into steel blades, and two familiar whips of titanium crawl out from within his palms. It was all too familiar...
"Who are you, demon?!", shouts Celes, readying her war staff.
"Do you not remember me, Celes? Where's your danged friend this time, woman? Hahahaha, dead, right? I'll have to dig up his grave. Hahahaha!", says the demon haughtily. It approaches Celes, yearning for fresh blood. He would have it sooner than he thought. Once again, an ax imbedded itself into his back, showering the demon's back with blood.
"Deja vue, huh?", says Celes, smiling at Atlas.
"NO!", shouts the demon, flailing around widely on the end of the axe. His skin had healed, fusing the ax into his skin. He pulls mightily, tearing away the flesh once again.
"Looks like you're not so lucky this time, Atlas!", says the demon, already healing. It leapt at Atlas, skillfully evading the two axes. He wraps the two tentacles originating from his palms around Atlas' throat, gradually tightening his grip. The demon laughed as he heard the air getting caught in Atlas' throat.
"NO!", shouted Celes. She slashed at the demon, creating a deep gash in its back. Again.
The demon screeched out several obscenities, then tackled Celes.
"I'm going to do what I should've done a LONG time ago, wench!", shouted the demon, leaving a wheezing Atlas behind him. He raised his claws and slashed at Celes' face, making three cuts in her cheek. He prepared to strike once again, but was halted by a six foot long katana sliding through his left kidney. It made a sickening noise as it exited his body, spilling blood at an alarming rate. The demon, ultimately perturbed, pushed the katana out of his body and raised his hands. A wave of electricity emanated from his chest, shocking his enemies, as well as allies.
"You meddling fools! I'll be back to personally eat out your hearts.", he said as he moved toward Shin Hikaru. There was a blood red diamond imbedded in his forehead. The Soulstone... He dug his index finger into the edge of the diamond, then pried it out, rather forcefully. It made a disgusting 'pop' as it exited his skull.
"You'll be free soon, Diablo... soon... And as for you, Shin Hikaru, you'll be there to meet him in HELL!", shouted the demon, raising his left hand and pointing his deadly fingers at his neck. He viscously brought them down, slicing down into his flesh and releasing a stream of blood. Assuming of course, that Atlas had not intervened. A good kick in the gut was enough to prevent him from killing Shin Hikaru.
"I don't have time for this, you intellectually challenged muscle bound freak!", shouted the demon as it de-molecularized and faded from the area.
"Ugh... My head...", mutted Shin Hikaru. He moved his hand to where the Soulstone would've been, feeling only bloody tissue.
"Oh no...", he murmured.
"What is it?", asked Celes, feeling the three tears on her face.
"He got the Soulstone...", said Shin Hikaru, pounding his fists into a nearby tree.
"Okkkaayyy... What now?", said Atlas, wondering who this Shin Hikaru was, as well as what this Soulstone was, despite Celes' teachings.
"We've gotta' find Cain. Only he knows what's going to happen.", said Celes and Shin Hikaru simultaneously.
"Great... Where's that?", said Atlas.
"East of here. C'mon, the sooner we go the better.", said Celes, mounting her horse.

[Scene: A Room]

(The room is dark. The only light comes from a small candle, which sits on a hard wood table. The flame flickers frequently (alliteration!), casting an ominous shadow over the man who sits at the table. His gaunt fingers turn page after page of a forbidden text. His face is pale and sullen. There is a touch of madness in his eyes.)

Man: Come on, come on... where are you?

(He turns the pages impatiently, as if searching for something he knows the location of, but has moved since he last saw it. His brow furrows in frustration.)

Man: It's not here!

(Picking up the book, the man slams it with all his might against the table, knocking the candle to the floor where it is extinguished. The man stands, his eyes already adapted to the inky blackness. He heads sullenly to the stairs. Out of nowhere, a strange creature flitters next to the man. Its small wings beat furiously as it struggles to catch up.)

Man: Cobalt, not now. I have to settle something.

Cobalt: But Intruder! It's day!

Intruder: I know, but this is serious.

(Intruder grabs a black robe and wraps it over his shoulders. He pulls the thick hood over his head to protect his eyes from the unforgiving sun. He picks up a long staff, about 6 feet high, which has a dragon's claw holding a small orb at the end. Pushing a thick wooden door open, he steps outside. No sooner has he stepped outside, however, than he hears cries of mockery from children)

Children: It's the ghoul man! Skinny, skinny, ugly, ugly, pale, pale! Hahahaha!

Intruder: It would be wise for you to run. Now.

(Lifting both his arms, Intruder begins to chant. The orb on the end of his staff begins to grow darker and darker, until it seems to suck up all the light around it. A bolt of pure blackness shoots out and engulfs one of the children. He is reduced to ashes, and the other children run screaming. Intruder scowls.)

Intruder: I hate coming out during the day.

[Scene: Merchant's Shop]

(The shop is in a state of disarray. Items are strewn everywhere as the shopkeeper packs as much as he can, as quickly as he can. Intruder enters the shop. Seeing what is happening, he smiles and uses a false voice)

Intruder: Excuse me.

Merchant: I'm sorry we're closed! I've got to get out of town before nightfall... he hates daylight... by nightby nightfall...

Intruder: This is important.

(The merchant turns, his arm full of clothes and items for sale.)

Merchant: I told you we're- No! You!

(With deadly quickness, Intruder wraps his hand around the merchant's throat.)

Intruder: You promised me it would be in the book.

(Intruder viciously pulls the merchant to his face by the neck. He grits his teeth.)

Intruder: It's not in the book. Tell you what. You want to live, right?

(The merchant weakly nods his head.)

Intruder: You can live... but you have to give me triple my money back.

(The merchant's heart sinks. The amount Intruder paid for the book was more than the merchant had made in 10 years combined, and Intruder knew it.)

Intruder: Well then. I guess I will take the price out of your soul.

(Black energy begins to envelop the hand that holds the merchant's neck. Intruder brings the orb of his staff near the man's face, and white energy comes to the merchant's eyes. It is sucked into the orb in a second, and Intruder tosses the lifeless body to the ground. Collecting the 1,000,000 gold pieces he paid for the book, Intruder moves for the exit.)

(When Intruder steps out onto the street, he is not surprised to see that the townspeople have formed into a mob. They hold torches in their hands, and in the middle of the town square is a pole surrounded by a large pile of wood.)

Intruder: Can I help you?

(One of the townsmen steps forward.)

Townsman: You killed my son, you bastard! Now you're going to burn!

(The townspeople begin to shout, and then they close in on Intruder. He lifts his hand, and in an instant he is gone.)

(Intruder has, in fact, only teleported to the other side of the building. He did, however, get out of the sight of the people, thus saving himself.)

Intruder: Looks like I need to head for a new town. Again.

(Intruder looks at his map, searching for the nearest town. He decides to travel Arkanok, Perhaps Cain would know where to find the secret he seeks. Putting his map back in the folds of his cloak, Intruder begins to walk.)

Intruder: I hate coming out during the day.

(Intruder walks into town, Cobalt sitting on his shoulder. Scanning the square, he sees an old man standing by a fountain. Intruder approaches the man.)

Intruder: Excuse me, I'm looking for a wise man?

Man: Cain, you seek CainÖ Mm. Wise, he is. Knowledge, he has. Great Jedi Master, he is.

Intruder: What?

Man: Forget that last part.

(Cobalt flies up and begins circling the man's head.)

Man: Get that little thing away from me! That's a familiar, servant of Diablo!

Intruder: He is MY familiar. Now, take me to Cain.

(Cobalt uses his powers to determine that...)

Cobalt: That man is Cain!

Intruder: We all knew that by now. Besides, he has that "Hi, My Name is Cain" nametag.

Cain: You don't have to be a wiseman to figure that one out.

Intruder: Enough talk. I seek the-

Cain: I know what you seek. I will tell you this. I shall not help you learn the ultimate black art.

(Intruder grabs Cain by the throat and lifts him into the air.)

Intruder: You will tell me, or I will kill you.

(Someone grabs Intruder's wrists and pulls him away from Cain. He pushes Intruder away from Cain.)

Atlas: Stay away from him!

Intruder: Who are you?

Atlas: I am Atlas, and-

(Cobalt wraps his body around Atlas's face. Intruder takes this opportunity to knock Atlas down and pin him to the ground.)

Intruder: This is none of your business you half-wit

Atlas: Your stupid move was thinking you could hold me down.

(Atlas throws Intruder off of him, and gets in a fighting stance.)

Cain: Enough!

Intruder: Tell me how I can learn the magic, and I'll leave.

Cain: Very well. Only Baal retains the knowledge of the black art. You'll never reach him on your own anyway. You will have to defeat Diablo first.

Atlas: Diablo... I too wish to destroy him.

Intruder: Perhaps we should... put our difficulties aside, and work together.

Atlas: We don't need you.

Intruder: We?

(Two others walk into the town square.)

Atlas: Celes and Shin Hikaru.

Intruder: Trust me, my powers will be very helpful.

Celes: I sense power in him, Atlas. We should let him join.

Cobalt: LET him?

Intruder: Quiet, Cobalt.

Atlas: Very well. Let's go.

(The group heads into the distance, in search of the evil one... and Diablo.)