Wicked Revelations

In primordial space, timeless creatures made waves. These waves created us and the others. Waves were the battles, and the battles were waves.

Fleeing all W'rkncacnter, Yrro and Pthia settled upon Lh'owon. They brought the S'pht, servants who began to shape the deserts of Lh'owon into marsh and sea, rivers and forests. They made sisters for Lh'owon to protect and maintain the paradise.

When the W'rkncacnter came, Pthia was killed, and Yrro in anger, flung the W'rkncacnter into the sun. The sun burned them, but they swam on its surface.

Yrro finally found a way to defeat the W’rkncacnter. With all of his anger and strength, he surrounded them with the 3 sisters of Lh’owon; K’lia, Y’loa and T’jia. Their bodies were forever contained in the black holes surrounding the western arm.

The W’rkncacnter await their reawakening…

-Excerpt from the “Song of Chaos” in the S’pht scriptures.
The stars shined brightly that night. They were the only source of light, except for the abstracted flashes of lightning that bolted in and out of a distant thunderhead. The giant cloud bubbled and boiled over, growing in strength and size, its tremendous power just waiting to be unleashed upon everything in it’s path.

As the storm rolled over the mountains, it unleashed its payload of rain, lightning and hail. A violent reminder of what nature was capable of.

As it drew closer to Dorado, a single bolt of lightning struck the ground in the middle of the woods. Smoke rose from the small crater caused by it. There was another flash of light, and a black swirling shape started to form in the crater.

It started to take the form of a woman….
It was another slow night for the border guards. They were all fending off boredom by hacking away at trees with their dull swords. The town blacksmith was a very lazy man who would rather sit and eat pastries all day than earn a few gold pieces making new swords for the town guards. Half of the swords in the armory were rusted and cracked, the other half were so dull that sharpening them was useless and a waste of time.

The storm had done a little damage here and there. Some of the stable doors were blown in, hail had dented the alarm bell. Nothing very serious. There were reports of fires in other towns, sparked by the violent lightning. Some towns had buildings blown over or damaged beyond repair by the horrendous wind storm. The guards had discussed earlier how lucky their town was. They had only been grazed by the storm. It was one of the biggest storms in the history of most of the towns.

One of the guards stopped and peered into the woods, a puzzled look gracing his face.

“Did you guys hear somethin’?” Grunted the guard. The other two merely shook their heads and went back to cutting away at random shrubbery.

He raised his sword and stepped closer to the woods. There was a rustling and he jumped back.

A young woman, no older than 19, stepped out of the woods. She had long black hair and a torn black dress. Her eyes were dark and looked empty. She had a foreboding amulet around her neck, a large black stone rested in the middle of the black metal plate, which was ornately decorated with patterns and smaller red and black stones. The large stone seemed to pull light in, not reflecting the surroundings or sunlight, even though it was smooth and clear. Her pale white skin suggested that she had never been touched by the sun’s rays. A large, elaborately decorated dorsal hilt was crossed over her back, holding a menacingly long katana. Her face was cold and emotionless.

The three guards stared for a moment. The skinnier guard nudged the other two and stepped forward, trying to make his scrawny body look more impressive. The woman merely stared with her cold eyes.

“What’s a fair damsel like yourself doing in such dangerous woods?”

“I was wondering the same about you...” The woman coldly remarked.

The guard puffed himself up in anger and grabbed her by the neck, trying to act his limited authority out. She stood motionless, not even flinching as he squeezed her neck.

“I don’t like a smart mouthed girl. They tend to be hard to play with.” He angrily retorted. He was about to make a second reply when he cried out in pain and choked up blood. A long katana jutted out of his back, dripping with blood. The katana glowed a sickly red as it absorbed the blood.

The young woman withdrew the blade and let the guard slump to the ground, making weak whimpers of pain as he tried to staunch the bleeding. She mercilessly thrust the katana into his skull, twisting the blade to get the right sound.

The other guards raised their swords and charged. The woman spun on her heel and sliced into one of the guard’s sides, cleaving him in half. She then spun around again to catch the other guard in the gut with her blade. She walked over to the still living guard and picked his head up by his hair.

“Which way is it to Dorado?”

“T-two miles to the n-north….” He weakly spat out.

With a quick motion, she snapped his neck and slid the katana back in its hilt. Taking a moment to savor the smell of blood, she then walked over the bodies and to the north.
The group had taken shelter under an outcropping of rocks that night. The storm was almost over by the time the sun started to rise. The only way they could tell was the dim line of light on the horizon. They had heard reports of a few guards being mercilessly slaughtered a few miles south of Dorado. The style of killing was different than Abadon’s normal style, so it must have been someone else. Another guard told them that they had seen a woman with a rather large sword wandering around the area where the guards were killed. He spotted her during the storm and was about to ask her if she wanted shelter from the winds, but she disappeared into thin air as he approached her. The bodies of the guards were pretty much mangled beyond recognition when they found them. Cut apart and mixed up as some cruel reminder of the killers malevolence.

Kain was very disturbed. The glow in his eyes was erratic. Violent streaks of crackling energy were leaping from his eyes. Everyone was keeping a worried eye on him. He looked as if he was going to snap any moment. He fixed his gaze to the above the outcropping, as if someone was there. He was grimacing as well, as if he was in pain because of the presence.

The group turned back to the fire and discussed the situation for hours. They all needed rest, but the unknown threat kept them on edge. When they turned to get Kain’s opinion, he was nowhere to be found…
The massive walls of Dorado loomed over her. She grinned wickedly as she stepped through the puddles of blood that marked futile attempts to siege it.

“Hmm…looks like knocking is out of the question…” She said, counting out the numbers of skeleton guards and archers that lined the castle walls and towers. Several more guarded the drawbridge. Too many to count…

She held out both of her arms and started chanting. Her form wavered and she disappeared…
Kain watched as Malice disappeared. He knew where she was going. He knew her motives. All he could do was wait for his chance.

He carefully crept through the shadows that clung to the walls of the castle, feeling along the walls. He stopped and tapped the blocks of stone. Some of the rock crumbled even with the light tapping. He grinned and took out the Murasame and tapped with the butt of the blade. The rock crumbled and fell to the ground, leaving a large hole in the wall. Right in front of it was the back of the barracks. He crept out and kept along the wall, using the shadows as his advantage. He scaled the blocks sticking out of the walls and jumped through the window and right into Abadon’s chambers. He quickly darted behind the bed and began to plan his next move.
The throne room was empty. No guards, no Abadon. Only a half full gold chalice rested on the arm of the golden throne.

She quietly pushed the door back shut and leaned against the wall. He would be back soon, or he was in the room, ready to make his move. She knew that he wouldn’t let some stranger just waltz into his throne room, unannounced and uninvited. Suddenly, a pair of metallic tendrils whipped from the shadows on the ceiling and snaked around her neck. She gasped for breath as the tendrils raised her up off the floor and towards the shadow.

“Who are you?” A voice demanded.

“M-my name is Malice. I come seeking a-a favor from you… ” She spoke, desperately trying to get enough air to make out the words.

“I don’t like it when people just stroll into my castle uninvited.” The tendrils let go and Abadon jumped down from the rafters. He raised his hand and a long blade shot out of his wrist and came inches from her neck. “Now what exactly do you have in mind?”

Malice grinned lightly and sat down on the floor. She pulled out what appeared to be a slab of rock from one of the pouches on the dorsal hilt and handed it to him. “This will explain everything. I recovered it some time ago.”

Abadon slowly studied the writings on the rock, then his eyes grew wide. “And let me guess, you think you are part W’rkncacnter?”

“I don’t think so. I know so…” Malice ran her wrist over the blade Abadon held at her neck. Black blood oozed out of the wound and hit the ground. Immediately upon hitting the ground, it burst into black flames and disappeared.

“Not much proof. It could be a simple trick.” He looked very unimpressed.

“That is because I need you to awaken my powers. The W’rkncacnter need to be brought back. And I am the only one who can.”

“And what will you give me in return?” Said Abadon. He crossed his arms and grinned.

“Anything you wish. Just name it.”

Abadon took a moment to think, then looked up, grinning evilly.

“A reasonable offer indeed. I accept.”
Abadon let go of the crystal and it hovered before Malice, glowing with a dim black aura. She hung on the wall crucifix style.

He could sense her nervousness, her overwhelming anxiety. He grinned at the thought of how truly weak she was.

So innocent…she doesn’t even know how pure she really is… He thought, a small hint of disgust seething from his thoughts.

His eyes flared for a second and the crystal pointed directly at her heart. She shuddered slightly as it did so. He waved his hand and it dug deep into her chest, spinning wildly. Her hoarse screams of pain echoed in the room. He desperately fought back a grin.

“I want you to concentrate. Concentrate on awakening your powers…”

She closed her eyes and a furrow of concentration crossed her brow. The crystal pulsed with a white energy and ripped its way out of her and back into Abadon’s hand. The energy remained and started to flow through her veins. Her veins literally glowed with energy and she convulsed slightly. Malice slowly opened her eyes and looked up. Her eyes were a metallic black, reflecting everything except Abadon. It almost sent a chill down his spine. Black flames began to swirl around her and consume her. After a few minutes, they died down and she was on her knees. Black flames trailed down her head and shoulders where her hair used to be. Her torn black dress trailed off into the same black flames. Her eyes flared with a black energy.

She slowly rose to her feet, looked at him and grinned evilly.

“Well now…seems that was a success…” Said Abadon as he placed the crystal back in it’s holding case on the mantle.

Malice only grinned malevolently. She held up her hands and a bright white energy crackled around them. Abadon only stared, unimpressed.

“Now for your end of the bargain…” Said Abadon, looking rather impatient.

He walked a circle around her, looking her up and down, as if sizing her up. Malice only watched with a puzzled look on her face. He held his arm up in front of her and a slit appeared on it. A silvery liquid seeped out and splashed onto the floor and slowly crept towards Malice. It slid up her feet and her legs.

Her eyes went wide as she realized what was happening…
Kain watched through a crack in the door as Malice slowly slumped to the ground. Abadon picked her up and started walking towards the chambers. He darted towards the window and crept out on the ledge, around the window, and out of view.

Abadon laid Malice down on the bed walked out, locking the door behind him. Kain slowly and silently crept back in and towards Malice. She seemed to be fast asleep. He heard footsteps approaching and he ducked behind the headboard once again. The slam of the door as Abadon walked in startled Kain, who was already on edge. He jumped up, forgetting where he was, and slammed his head against the supporting bar of the headboard. He slumped to the ground, unconscious.
Malice slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a new room. She tried to sit up, but a throbbing pain erupted from her gut and she groaned, collapsing back to the bed. She heard the creak of a chair and turned her head to the source. Abadon sat on a chair, watching her intently. She once again tried to sit up, but something held her down.

“I…I can’t seem to sit up…” Said Malice, suddenly finding herself out of breath. She then remembered the favor…she sighed and leaned back.

Abadon leaned over and waved his hand above her face. Her eyes slowly sagged and she fell asleep.

Kain awoke several hours later and slowly peeked his head out from behind the headboard. Abadon was gone, but he could hear Malice sleeping. He crept out from his hiding place and made his way to the window. Then he heard something he wasn’t expecting. A child’s yawn echoed in the room. He turned around ever so slowly and his eyes went wide with shock.

There, sleeping within Malice’s arms, was an infant. It was curled up close to her and sleeping soundly.

He crept even closer to inspect it, when the child’s eyes snapped open and it turned to face him. It’s eyes were a deep black, but seemed to glow a dull red. It watched his every move, studying him intently. The eyes sent a shiver down Kain’s spine. The child slipped out of Malice’s protective grasp, sat up and just watched Kain. By that time he was getting nervous and started for the door when Malice started to wake up. He was hoping that she was too exhausted from whatever ordeal she went through to bring that infant into existence.

Malice let out a groan of protest as the child woke her up. She could barely keep her eyes open, let alone get up. The child was tugging on her dress incessantly.

“Alright, alright…I’m up…” She managed to slur out. Her eyes suddenly snapped open as she sensed a presence in the room. She screamed out Abadon’s name and grabbed the child, ducking behind the bed. She heard a gasp and looked to the source, but all that was left was a torn piece of black cloth on the window…
Abadon ran into the chambers, blades extended from both of his hands. He only saw Malice sitting on the floor beside the bed, comforting the crying child. He shook his head in disgust and inspected the torn cloth. He closed his eyes for a second then scowled deeply.


“Who?” Queried Malice, setting the now sleeping infant in the bed.

“One of the pestilence that constantly annoys me…” Abadon said as he threw the cloth in the fireplace.

“Are they a threat to her?” Malice said, gesturing towards the sleeping child.

“Quite possibly. We’ll just have to make sure they don’t get close enough to harm her. She is a asset to my domination of this land, and I will make sure she survives long enough to prove herself worthy of being my heir.”

“And if she isn’t?”

Abadon simply looked at the child then extended a blade from his hand. Malice seemed to draw back a little bit, understanding what he meant.
Kain ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He had to get back to camp as fast as possible to warn the others. As he stopped to take a very short breather, he thought that he heard someone following him. Drawing both of his swords, he turned around to find the field empty.

He started off again, heading towards the dim light that the distant camp fire gave off. Suddenly, another light caught his attention. A dull red glow coming from the woods. He didn’t want to stray from his path, but he could sense a malevolent presence nearby, so he scouted. He first went towards the light, keeping his eye out. As he got closer, he could make out the form of a very long katana in the center of the glow, hovering in mid air. What resembled veins crisscrossed its blade and glowed a dull malevolent red. It seemed to follow his every move…He walked around the malignant blade, keeping his eye on it the whole time. It only hovered there, following him. It pulsed with an aura of fury and hate, as if it had some lust for revenge within it.

There was a slight rustling sound to the left of Kain. A deer stumbled out of the woods and collapsed on the ground. It let out slow and suffering death cries as it writhed on the ground. A glassy blackness was covering its torso and neck. The agonized animal finally convulsed and let out a gurgle as bile and blood poured out of its mouth and nose, then finally lay still.

Kain approached the corpse cautiously, examining the black substance. It was deep black and reflected his surroundings, but not him. He knelt down and touched it carefully with a gloved hand. The black substance suddenly started to form on his glove. Burning yet freezing pain shot through his hand and he ripped the glove off. The glove burst into black flames and was nothing more than a charred spot on the ground within seconds of it igniting.

There was a louder rustling as birds shot out of the canopy, startled from their rest. He started to back away from the woods when he bumped into someone. He turned around and backed up quickly, both blades drawn.

There stood Malice, staring at him impassively. The night suddenly seemed much colder.

“What do you want?” Kain calmly spoke, hiding the fear in his voice. Malice offered no reply. She only stood there, staring at him. He glared and stepped forward, slashing at her with the Murasame. He cut her arm clean off and black blood gushed forth and onto the ground. The ground seemed to burn and freeze at the same time as the ebony fluid pooled on the ground. She didn’t flinch a bit, still staring at him.

He slashed once more but she ducked under with lightning quickness and grabbed his wrist, twisting it impossibly. He grimaced deeply, holding back a cry of pain. He jumped back and into a crouch, holding his wrist with his free hand.

She stepped forward and crouched down to meet his eyes. A wicked grin crossed her face and her eyes shined brighter. “You will not know where we have struck until you have fallen.” With that, she stood up and flames swirled about her. A second later, she was gone.

Kain could have sworn he saw an endless abyss in her eyes…
Abadon stood in the north tower of Dorado. From this point you could see for hundreds of miles in all directions. He grinned inwardly at the sight, knowing his influence spread great fear all throughout it and beyond.

He was startled by the sound of the door slamming open. He whipped around to face Malice, eyes burning red.

“That Kain is more of a threat than I imagined…” She softly spoke, gesturing to her missing arm. Abadon simply turned back to the horizon.

“I thought your people could heal things faster than anything alive…” Abadon smirked. He knew she was powerful, but too ignorant to realize it...

“Perhaps, but apparently it isn’t working.”

“Have you tried concentrating on the wound?” He said, reaching up to the corner of a window and letting a rather venomous spider crawl onto his hand. “By visualizing your objective, you can accomplish many tasks…”

She opened her mouth to give a retort, but quickly closed it when she realized there was nothing to argue about. She closed her eyes and flames swirled around her wounded arm. The flames died down and revealed a totally healed arm. She let out a sigh of relief and sat down in a chair.

“You really are weak, you know that?” Said Abadon, grinning smugly. Several tiny metallic whips inched out of his palm and wrapped around the spider, pulling it apart. He tossed the remains out the window. “You can’t expect these powers to just reveal themselves to you, do you? Besides…I think you should know something…”

Malice was about to answer when a whip shot out from the wall and wrapped around her throat, constricting it to the point where breathing was impossible. Abadon pulled himself out of the wall and wrapped a hand around her jaw, squeezing firmly.

“Now, I want you to listen to me carefully. You are no more than a host for my heir…” He tightened his grip even more, almost crushing her lower jaw. “And as of bearing my heir, your usefulness has come to a end…you may be powerful, but you are also a burden to me. You take up my time, which burdens my ability to perform my duty as a king…” He let go of her jaw and retracted the tendril. She promptly fell to the floor, desperately gasping for breath. Even if her powers were awakened, they certainly weren’t all there yet…especially the ability to stop breathing altogether and still move about freely.

He growled in disgust and stormed out of the north tower, shouting angrily at the guards to drag her back to the chambers. The two skeletons grabbed her by the arms and took her to the chambers and roughly dropped her on the bed, then locked the doors behind them.

Meanwhile, the infant was glaring intently at the door…
Abadon was jolted awake by a small explosion coming from the chambers. He darted up from his throne to see the doors blown open. He rushed in and found that Malice was still asleep, the windows still locked. But the infant was up, staring at him. Even if this was of his own creation, the child still left him a bit unnerved.

He walked over and kneeled down before the bed, staring at the child intently.

“You’re shaping up quite well…” He whispered, knowing if he provoked the child, something inconvenient might happen. The child crawled closer, as if examining him. She reached out and softly poked Abadon’s forehead. To his astonishment, his metal forehead didn’t pull the child’s finger in, like he expected. Instead, it gave way like mud. He jumped back, his flesh growing back into place. His look of shock melted into a wicked grin.

Amazing…she isn’t even ten hours old and she is already displaying great power… He thought, almost shaking in anticipation.

He turned his attention to Malice, who was slowly awakening from her sleep. She groaned and slowly sat up, rubbing her neck where the tendril had strangled her. When her eyes landed on Abadon, she pulled back a bit, mainly out of fear. She remembered what he had said, and wasn’t willing to bring his wrath upon her again. The child once again stared at Abadon, this time a small glare was on her face. He scowled deeply at the child’s defiance and prepared to backhand her. Something inside Malice spoke, a faint whisper in the back of her mind. It spoke in a tongue her human mind could not comprehend, but her W’rkncacnter mind could.

Her eyes glazed over with a red haze and she growled as Abadon raised his hand to strike the child. She lunged with lightning quickness and knocked him down, slamming his head into the floor. She picked him up and threw him across the room, then turned to comfort the infant, now screaming in both rage and fear.

Abadon slowly stood up, rubbing the back of his head. He glared for a moment, then silently sat down in the chair.

“Perhaps I underestimated you…” He quietly spoke, hoping not to provoke her further. “You have much more potential then I first imagined.”

Malice’s eyes were just returning to their ebony color when she turned from the now sleeping infant. “I’m not exactly sure what happened there…”

Abadon shook his head and leaned back in the chair. “It really doesn’t matter now. All that matters is a small request…” A slight hint of a smirk crossed his face. He desperately fought to hide a larger smirk.

“And what is that?” She was wary of his last request and almost cringed at the thought of repeating the task.

“The last woman that…’agreed’…to bear an heir for me went insane and killed herself, taking the child with her…but you agreed without hesitation and bore the child without any problems. The infant is extremely powerful at this point…I’ve witnessed her manipulating objects to quite a degree, and I must say I am overly pleased with the results…” He grinned and motioned to the heavily damaged door.


“But I also realized that I am not a worthy caretaker of a child…” He spoke grimly, watching the child rest. “A father in human terms…so all I ask is your services to raise the child.”

“I’m afraid that was already decided…” She grinned smugly and sat back, still cradling the infant. “But what is in it for me?”

“In the action of having you raise my heir…you will become my queen…” He grinned openly, knowing that she couldn’t refuse an offer like that.

She took a moment to ponder, then grinned and looked up. “Sounds good to me…”

Malice stared at the infant a moment. “She still doesn’t have a name…”

“I think I will leave that up to you…” Abadon said, chipping away at the arm of the chair with a blade he formed out of his hand.

She thought for a few minutes. “How about Sephra? I do believe it is Old Demon for ‘Chaos’.”

Abadon didn’t seem to be taking much effort into the decision. “It’s fine with me…”

“Sephra it is…”

He nodded and stood up. “ I will inform the rest of the troops of their new commander…you stay here…” With that, he walked out through the doors and out the throne room.

Malice sighed and watched the child sleep for a moment. “The things I do to evolve…” She whispered to herself, then slowly fell asleep…
Meanwhile, behind the moon, beyond the reach of the sun’s rays, a black swirling shape wavered into view, growing in size and shape. White energy crackled within the center as the form grew.

The W’rkncacnter were awakening from their eon long slumber…