Past and Present

NOTE: This takes place shortly after Dragoneyes’ Dragon Fury.

All stories start somewhere. This one begins 5 years in the past. A wolf named Ikana patrolled the forest. He was returning from a fishing trip that was not very successful. He hoped he would find something good to eat when he returned to his village.
Ikana was a special kind of wolf. If you just looked at him you would hardly know. He had the power of electricity. When he had any strong emotions or for even no reason at all his eyes would flare up with electricity. He was built like any other wolf, but bigger. His only real problem was that he is extremely curious…
Ikana turned to see who was calling to him, only to see one of his sisters. She was less muscular than Ikana, but obviously deadly.
“Ikana, what took you so long?”
“The fish were too quick for me today. I didn’t get any.” Ikana began to walk with her.
“It’s ok. The others did well”
“Good. I’m starved!” Ikana began running towards his home. Ikana’s sister only shook her head and meandered through the forest.
When Ikana returned home he saw several of his own kind eating. He took a seat next to one of the other wolves.
“Did I miss dinner?” Ikana said.
“Not really, but you’ll have to cook your own meat.”
Ikana found a large pile of meat. He took some for himself and dragged it back to where he was sitting. Ikana’s eyes lit up and electricity coursed through his body. Eventually he let out a blast of it, which surrounded the meat, slowly browning it. After several seconds he began eating it. After the meal he was quite satisfied and meandered to his room.
Ikana plopped onto his bed upon entering his tent. He remembered how there were once humans in the area, but his wolf tribe scared them away and took their homes. Eventually Ikana stretched his legs, curled up into a ball, and then began sleeping.
The next day, Ikana woke up with a headache. He had rolled over in his sleep and his head rolled onto a rock. He got up slowly, waiting for his headache to disappear. After some time he got up and strolled out of his tent. He saw what he saw everyday. Wolves were milling about. One of his brothers approached him.
“Ikana, I found this in the forest. You can have it.”
“What is it?” Ikana studied the object. It was a pouch. His brother did not reply but merely slipped it over Ikana’s head and fastened it to his neck.
“So it is for carrying things… Thank you.” Ikana said.
Ikana was hungry, so he went to see if there was any leftover food from the previous night’s hunt. When he arrived he saw no one there. The last thing he felt was being hit on the head, and he blacked out.
Ikana awoke sometime later in a place he was unfamiliar with. It was like his village, but with people and the houses were bigger. He found out that he still had the pouch, and tilted his neck to open it. Inside was a small sum of gold. He closed the pouch and observed the town. It looked like it had been ruined. He walked through the town, noticing that night would fall soon, so he made his tail spark up with electricity to make more light.
Ikana continued walking as his tail lit up. He made the electricity grow more and more intense until it lit up enough area for him to see clearly. He saw a group approaching him. He decided it would be best to put out the electricity in his tail and not do anything suspicious. He hid in the shadows as the group passed.
“Think Diablo came back?” Shin asked.
“I doubt it, but Abadon might be here” Answered Fuji.
“Why do we have to come back to Dorado?” Asked another member of the group.
“Because we need to kill Abadon, and whoever else is still here.” Answered Shin.
Ikana curiously walked towards the party, eyeing them over. For several seconds no one spoke, Ikana studying the party, the party studying Ikana. Finally Ikana spoke.
“What is this Diablo?”
“You must be joking!” Shin answered, “He is the king of evil!”
“Hmm…” Was the only answer Ikana gave.
“If you’ll excuse me, wolfie, we must get going.” Shin said.
“I am not wolfie. I am Ikana.” Answered Ikana.
“Whatever.” Was Shin’s reply.
The group continued on their way. Ikana was about to continue when he heard sounds of fighting. He turned around to see the group fighting skeletons and zombies. Ikana rushed over to join the fight.
No one said anything when Ikana joined the battle. He readied his claws and pounced on a skeleton. He pulled his head back, then pulled it down onto the skeleton’s neck. It’s neck snapped, leaving the undead creature headless. The headless creature threw Ikana off of itself. The skeleton began swinging it’s weapon wildly in the air, barely missing Ikana. Ikana backed up, trying not to get hit. The skeleton continued it’s attack, barely missing Ikana. Suddenly, Ikana rushed to it’s backside, knowing it could not see him. Ikana readied his claws and attacked. It was a critical blow, making the skeleton collapse into several pieces. Ikana turned to a zombie that was behind him, ready to strike. Not wasting any time, Ikana built up electricity and started a sustained attack on the zombie. The zombie began to fall apart, and it gave one final moan as it was fried.
The battle was over. Ikana saw that the group had killed the rest of the undead. The group faced Ikana.
“So, you are siding with us?” Shin said.
“No…” Ikana said, and with that, he turned around and began running.


 Ikana awoke in a forest. He loved to sleep in forests. Something about the trees and plants intrigued him. He got up and prepared to continue traveling. When he was ready, he saw a trail of coins. He began putting them in his pouch and following the trail. Pretty soon he had collected over one hundred. Then suddenly, a net closed around him, and he was suspended high above the ground.
Shin said, “It’s not Scarlet. It’s that wolf again.”
“Did you really expect to catch Scarlet in this?” Asked Fuji.
Shin cut Ikana down and was about to take the gold back when Ikana ran away. Shin cursed and motioned for the group to continue. They did not know where they were going, but they were going there anyway.
Ikana and the party went their separate ways. The group continued to search for Scarlet and Ikana wandered aimlessly. Ikana was growing tired of walking in the woods. These woods were unfamiliar to him, so he decided it would be best to find a way out. After a little more wandering he found a path to the road. Ikana took that path, and for the next few hours, had an uneventful trip.


After several hours of travel Ikana got sleepy. He set up a camp site and started to rest. In a few minutes he felt something poke him. Startled, he got up quickly to see what it was. It was Sarak, one of his sisters.

“Ikana! You’re alive!” Sarak exclaimed.
“Of course!” Ikana said, more than a little confused.
“I’m so glad you’re safe.” Sarak said.
“Why would I not be? I got separated from the tribe after I was knocked out, but I’m fine.” Ikana stated.
“Ikana… You weren’t knocked out…”

|-| Part 2|-|

“Sarak… What happened to me? Tell me.” Ikana questioned. His eyes lit up with lightning as he asked this.
“It was a long time ago. Five years. You had come home from fishing, but you didn't do well. You had your meal and went to bed. When you woke up, you received a gift, the pouch you are wearing. Slightly after someone came in and…”
“Who came in?” Ikana asked.
“I don’t know. It was a long time ago.” Sarak responded.
“Fine then. Continue.” Stated Ikana.
“Well the person came in and stood near you, not doing anything. All of the sudden you began acting strangely and you razed the village to the ground. After that you ran away with that person. We haven’t seen you since, but I knew it wasn’t really you who did it.”
“I was… Under mind control?” Ikana asked.
“Unfortunately… It seems so.” Sarak said.
“Oh… I hope that everyone has forgiven me…” Ikana stated.
“I don’t know. We were separated afterwards. No one agreed on what to do, so we all split up. I finally met up with you. Where are you headed?” Sarak inquired.
“Hmm…” Ikana paused, “I don’t know… Where are you headed?”
“I can’t say… I’m sorry, Ikana. I must leave.” At that, Sarak left.
Ikana’s head hurt. He didn’t really miss Sarak, he was quite independent. He had a long day, and Sarak had interrupted him from his sleep. He curled up under a tree and slept…


Ikana awoke feeling much better. He had a slight pain in his shoulder, but he ignored it. He stretched, yawned, and then got up, ready to continue traveling aimlessly. He knew where he was headed, but he only knew subconsciously. After a few minutes, he turned back into the forest. Following a trail of burnt trees, he arrived at a clearing. There were burnt huts and other places of living. Ikana gasped as he saw it, because he knew all too well what it was.

“So you have returned? I knew you would. Look at you! It’s all your fault this happened.” Keesh said.
Keesh was one of the tribe members that particularly disliked Ikana. Ikana didn’t know why, but Keesh hated him from the start. Ikana did not share those feelings, though.
“It’s happening all to fast! I did not do this!” Ikana shouted.
“Mmmm? Problems, Ikana? Maybe you should raze another town.” Keesh taunted.
“It was not me! Someone was controlling me!” Ikana screamed.
“Temper temper, Ikana.”
“Stop it! STOP!”
“What are you going to do? shock me, too?”
“I’m warning you, Keesh!” Ikana responded.
“Give your best shot.” Keesh said.
At this, Ikana was seething. His whole body was encompassed in electricity. He let out one long steady bolt, striking Keesh with all of his power. Keesh fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Ikana turned around and ran. He did not know what he was doing, or why he was doing it, but he was.


Later, after Ikana had calmed down a little, he went back into the burnt village that he had once lived in. He tried to find Keesh, though he could not find him anywhere. He went by his former hut and sat down to think. He wondered why he had attacked Keesh, and why Keesh was taunting him. This had not happened before. Even though Keesh disliked him very much, he never did something like that, and Ikana never attacked another of his own kind. He was thinking about this when suddenly he felt an intense pain. He turned around to see Keesh shocking him. Ikana jumped to the side to avoid being shocked more. His eyes lit up in electricity along with his tail. He readied his claws, preparing to strike. He knew that if he did not defend himself, Keesh would kill him. Ikana jumped forward, leaping over Keesh’s electricity. He poised to strike, but instead asked Keesh a question.
“Why? Why are you doing this?”
Keesh did not reply, refocusing his electricity to Ikana. Ikana was prepared for this and jumped to the side just in time. He readied his claws again, poising to attack. He pounced on Keesh quite swiftly, making a long wound down his back. Keesh ran, saying one thing as he left.
“From this day forward Ikana, you are my enemy.” And then he left.
Ikana spent some time observing his injuries. He had been lucky. Keesh had always been stronger than him, but Ikana had done more damage to Keesh than he had suffered himself. He knew Keesh would be a deadly obstacle, but he also knew he could not run from fights. It was not an issue of honor, but Keesh would not let up. He knew that from experience. Keesh was hostile around those that he did not like. Ikana got up and headed out of the forest.


Ikana had been traveling aimlessly for the past hour or so. He followed the path that was under his feet and that was enough for him. He had wondered how it had happened. What seemed to him like only a few days ago to him was actually five years. He was in a fight with Keesh for a silly reason, and Sarak wasn’t still there to explain it to him. He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings and bumped into a large dragon.
“Hello. I am Ikana.” Ikana stated.
“What do YOU want?” The dragon replied.
“What I want you cannot give. I want my five years back.”
“Then don’t bother me!” The dragon shouted back.
“Mmm? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the nest?” Ikana asked.
“No. Beat it.”
“Who are you?” Ikana asked.
“I am Scarlet. Now run along like a good wolf.” Scarlet said.
Ikana continued on. He spotted a river and took a drink from it. Suddenly he was pushed into the lake.
“Always lazy and never guarding yourself, eh Ikana?” It was Keesh. He had been following Ikana.
“Why don’t you take a swim with me?” Ikana replied and put his paws on Keesh’s head, dragging him in.
Keesh struggled to get free to no avail. After Ikana pulled him in completely, he shocked the water, causing both him and Keesh to be shocked. Keesh took more of it though, and struggled to get free of Ikana’s grasp.
“What’s wrong, Keesh? Can’t fight back?” Ikana teased.
“I am more powerful than you can ever imagine! I will destroy you!” Keesh replied.
Keesh broke free of Ikana’s grip and got on the shore. A red energy gathered around Keesh and began to grow.
“You…You have power beyond lightning! But how?” Ikana asked.
“You were always stupid, Ikana. Why should I tell you?”
With that, Keesh released the energy and a massive fireball struck Ikana. The last thing he saw was the river carrying him away.


Ikana awoke with a pain in his shoulder. That was where the fireball hit him. It was powerful enough to knock him out, but no more than that. His vision was blurry and he could only see a blurry figure standing over him. He tried to pull himself to his feet, but he was pushed down by this blur. His eyes started to focus a little but he couldn’t make out the figure yet.
“Who are you?” Ikana asked.
“I am Sarak. Stop moving, you’ll hurt yourself.”
“Sarak, I have so many questions.” Ikana said.
“In due time, Ikana. You need to rest now.” Sarak responded.
“I’m fine.” Ikana pulled himself up, “Ow!”
“See? I know what’s best, so get some sleep.” Sarak said.


Ikana awoke again. He looked at the surroundings: Early in the morning or late at night. He was in some sort of cave. There was little else but a mound of dirt that he was lying on. He looked to his side and saw Sarak. She was asleep. He yawned and was about to stretch, but then he thought better of it. He tried rolling over, it hurt a little, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t take. He stood up and tested his shoulders. They did not hurt nearly as badly as they did. He saw a small burn mark where the fireball hit. Either the fireball was small or the burn mark shrunk. Ikana wondered if he should wake Sarak, but immediately thought better of it. He wondered outside the cave and observed the surroundings. It was morning, not night. He went back to where he was sleeping in the cave and waited patiently for Sarak to wake up.


Ikana watched as Sarak began to move. She was awake. She slowly got to her feet and saw Ikana.
“Oh, hello Ikana.” Sarak greeted.
“Why did you run off last time I saw you?” Ikana questioned.
“Because…” Was Sarak’s reply.
“Because why?”
“I had to get something ready.”
“Get what ready?”
“I’ll tell you later. Come on.”
Sarak led Ikana out of the cave. A field with some trees was ahead of them. Sarak walked quickly, guiding Ikana. They stopped to rest every once in a while. Eventually they got to a forest again. Ikana heard a slight rustling.
“Why is Keesh so aggressive now?” Ikana asked.
“He is holding grudges for what you… I mean, the person who was controlling you did. Don’t worry about it. Just try to avoid him.” Sarak replied.
“Talking about me, I see.” Keesh said, walking out of the bushes.
“Why are you following me?” Ikana asked.
“To see that the criminal is brought to justice!” Keesh shouted.
Ikana’s eyes and tail lit up with electricity. Keesh began circling around Ikana. Ikana never let his gaze off of Keesh, waiting for the correct moment to strike. Keesh began charging up with fire and Ikana leapt at him, claws readied. Keesh laughed and released the fireball, which Keesh jumped over. He made one more jump and brought his claws down on Keesh’s face. Ikana jumped to the side, attempting to avoid any attacks Keesh would launch at him. Ikana did a back flip and shocked Keesh. Keesh growled and released another fireball. It was a direct hit to Ikana’s head. Ikana flew back 20 feet, hitting a tree on the way. Ikana got up, struggling to maintain his balance. He charged towards Keesh once more, claws ready and dodging swiftly. Ikana got within a few feet and jumped up. As Ikana jumped near Keesh, he brought his claws down hard on his back. Keesh roared and hit Ikana with another fireball. He went back into the shadows from which he came. Sarak ran up to Ikana.
“Ikana! You’re hurt!” Sarak yelled.
Ikana moaned in reply. Sarak had a hesitant look on her face. Finally she concentrated and began glowing blue. The blue energy extended to Ikana and entered his wounds. Seconds later Ikana was healed.
“How… How did you do that, Sarak?” Ikana asked.
“It is a power I have. I will explain later.” Sarak replied.
“Explain now.” Ikana said.
“I can’t, Just trust me.” Was Sarak’s reply.
Ikana grumbled in reply and continued following Sarak. She led him through forests and fields alike.
Keesh was happily walking through Dorado. He was obviously pleased at how the city looked. Keesh looked different from Ikana. He had a long scar down his face from long ago when he fought another of his kind. His coat was somewhat darker than the typical gray. It wasn’t black, but it was somewhat distinguishable. He was stronger than a lot of his kind, and also quite intelligent. He was not a genius, but he knew what he needed to survive on his own very successfully. He continued walking throughout Dorado, quite pleased with his surroundings. He entered a large castle and walked through several hallways. He came up to a doorway and scratched on it. Diablo was seated there. Keesh walked up to Diablo.
“You have summoned me, master?” Keesh said.

|-| Part 3|-|

“What do you want?” Diablo questioned.
“I have come for some more power.” Replied Keesh.
“I have ALREADY strengthened your magic!” yelled Diablo.
“Yes, but Sarak is following Ikana now. Sarak has powers too.” Keesh said.
“FINE! I will add to your magic once more. If you STILL can’t kill him… I will have fun ripping you apart piece by piece.” Diablo threatened.
Keesh came closer to Diablo, awaiting his powers. Diablo stood up and raised his arms. He chanted a little and made motions with his hands. A green smoke rose out of the ground and surrounded him. A dark beam shot out of Diablo and hit Keesh. The beam stopped suddenly and Keesh left the room.
Ikana and Sarak came to a clearing in the forest. They were hungry. They collected berries from the local plants, being careful not to squish them. Once they collected enough berries they met in the middle and began eating them.
“Should we spend the night here?” Sarak asked suddenly.
“I don’t know. Why?” Ikana answered.
“It seems like a nice spot, that’s why.” Responded Sarak.
“Fine. We can rest here.” Ikana replied.
Ikana and Sarak finished the berries and began collecting wood, leaves, and other items. Soon they had two piles of leaves and a pile of wood enclosed in a circle of stones. Ikana lit the fire and hopped onto one of the piles of leaves. Sarak hopped onto the other. They turned towards the fire and slept.


Ikana had slept longer than Sarak. She stood over him, waiting. He slowly got up and stretched. Finally he stood on his feet and faced Sarak.
“Morning. You slept long enough. I gathered some more berries.” Sarak said.
“Thanks. I think I’ll have some.” Ikana replied.
Ikana sleepily walked to where the berries were. There was a small pile of them. Ikana ate them quickly. He then walked back to Sarak a little less sleepily. Sarak motioned that they should get going again, so Ikana moved faster. They found another path and decided to follow it. Sarak was leading the way.
“Where are we going, Sarak?” Ikana asked.
“I don’t know. We are following this path.” Sarak responded.
“The blind leading the blind?” Ikana replied.
“In a way.” Was Sarak’s response.
They continued on the path. It was a sunny day with only a few clouds in the sky. Surrounding the path on each side were trees. Amongst the trees were bushes that had delicious berries growing on them. They walked wordlessly. Ikana tried to get more information out of Sarak from time to time, but Sarak insisted that she did not know. They continued on an uneventful trip following the path. Suddenly they came to a fork in the road.
“Which way, Sarak?” Ikana asked.
“Er… Right.” Sarak replied.
“Wrong.” It was Keesh. Sarak and Ikana turned to face him right before he caught up to them.
“What do you want, Keesh?” Ikana asked.
“What do I want? I want your head on a platter. It shall make a nice decoration, don’t you think so, Sarak?” Keesh mocked.
“Keesh, today you are the one who is going to die!” Sarak shouted.
Keesh did not reply. A red flame began to gather around him. Sarak charged at him and scratched his face. His face began bleeding. He only continued building up the fire. Sarak pounced on his back, but Keesh jumped back before she could inflict any damage. He unleashed the fireball on Ikana, knocking him out instantly. Sarak clawed at his stomach, making a large hole. Keesh’s intestines began hanging out and he screamed in pain and fury. He charged up another fireball and launched it at Sarak, knocking her out instantly. He then wandered off to heal himself.


Ikana awoke later, Sarak above him. She had just finished healing Ikana. Keesh was nowhere in sight.
“Where did Keesh go?” Ikana asked.
“He ran off. He might be back soon, let’s go.” Sarak replied.
Ikana and Sarak continued on the path. They picked up some berries on the way and ate them. When they were full they got up and continued on the path, not really caring what they would find.
“Hey Sarak, any Idea where we are going?” Ikana asked.
“Not a clue.” Sarak replied.