The Reunion

The group trudges on through the hilly plains. There quest for their captured friends coming to a close as they neared the monastery. But they have not allowed there hopes to get the best off them. They still had many days of traveling left. Anticipation was getting the best of them.

Ethon: Wind disturbances 0%, precipitation 10%, temperature 98.6 degrees Celsius.

Intruder: Do you mind? You have been saying the same damn enchantment for the past 5 miles and it hasn’t done anything.

Ethon: Its not a spell. its readings from the atmosphere. You see.....

Intruder: It is quite unnecessary to explain it to me.

Ethon: Suit yourself.

(elsewhere in the group)

Atlas: If I figure right from how the crow flies we are about 5 days or so from the Monastery.

Scarlet: I think I should scout ahead. I just got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Glitterspike: I dont feel anything.

Mercy: Neither do I.

Scarlet: Well I wont be able to stop thinking about it till I check it out.

Atlas: Well then go ahead. We will be along this path.

Scarlet begin running ahead of the group.

(In the very back of the group)

D: So what do you think of the group?

Valas: Interesting would not describe this group. We have a futuristic knight. Paladins, Barbarians, Necromancers, a guy who is here just because he thinks he should be here.

D: And the one girl, Scarlet?

Valas: She is hiding something.

D: One way or another everyone is hiding something.

Valas: No, this is different. She knows something. She tries to hide it so bad it is noticeable.

D: Well the group said she never talks about her past. Maybe she is one of them orphans who had her village burned down.

Valas: Maybe. But I still dont trust her. She is too “Perfect.”

Severen: Who are you talking to?

D turns around to find Severen walking behind him.

D: Is ease dropping a habit or a hobby?

Severen: I just happen to be where I thought I should be when I thought I should be.

A grin covers his face as he walks past D.


Ethon: Precipitation 10%, temperature 98.6 degrees Celsius, Wind disturbances 5%, 6%, 7%, 8% , 9%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 0%. Hmmmmm 9% wind disturbance.


[Dorado throne room]

Abadon sits in his throne room. In his hand the unicorn horn he had taken a few days earlier. Slowly a skeleton guard enters.

Guard: Sir, 2 scouts have reported back. The first was stationed at Tristram. It has been destroyed.

Abadon: And the second.

Guard: Positioned on the mountains not far off. He saw a very large object moving this way on the horizon.

Abadon: Inform the gate guards that a mortal woman will be arriving soon. She is not to be harmed.

Guard: Yes sir. I personally shall bring her here.

Abadon: Good. And before you go put this in my private chambers.

Abadon gives the horn to the guard. His eye sockets seem to grow as he holds it in his bony hands. He quickly takes it back to Abadons room.

[Few hours later]

The doors slowly open to the throne room. Slowly and gracefully Scarlet strolls into the room. Her usual emotionless look on her face. Abadon sits in the throne in his black knight disguise.

Abadon: I heard of your deeds. Very impressive.

Scarlet: Destruction does come natural to me.

Abadon: I am sure it does.

Scarlet: Now I believe there is the topic of payment.

Abadon: Business before pleasure. I like that.

Scarlet: I feel no less than 5 million gold pieces is acceptable.

Abadon: Well I am sorry to disappoint you but 3 million is my offer.

Scarlet:: (astonished) Why dont you just slap me in the face with your hand instead of using such insults.

Abadon: I feel 3 million is more than generous.

Scarlet: And I feel you are trying to weasel your way out.

Abadon: Fine 4 million.

Scarlet: 4 and a half.

Abadon: Fine.

A grin covered both of there faces but when Scarlet saw Abadons her smile quickly faded.

Scarlet: And while I am here.......

Abadon: Yes?

Scarlet: I heard a rumor you were doing a little hunting.

Abadon: Hmmmm, hunting, nope dont think so.

Scarlet: interesting. Oh well. When will my money be ready.

Abadon: My men are already on it but such a hefty amount is a labor for even the undead. It will take time.

Scarlet: How convenient.

Abadon: Anyway you should probably relax it will be a while. Feel free to use my personal chambers. I am sure they are up to your standards.

Abadon gestured at the door behind the throne.

Scarlet chuckled as she approached the door. Not wanting to let on that she would have no use for sleep in this form. The door slowly slid open. It was an extravagant room. Tapestries lined the walls. Oak Desk and book cases line the walls. A large bed with silk sheets and a beautifully woven blanket on it. Truly unusual for a demon. Then her eyes landed on a display case next to the bed. In it ranged from dozens of golden statues, jewelry, and artifacts. But in the center was the item that caught her eye the most. It was a horn. Even at this distance she could tell exactly what it was. She quickly shut the door and walked over to the case. Sure enough the rumors were true. Abadon had acquired a horn of a unicorn. She silently opened the case and picked it up. Her fingernail slowly tracing the swirl of the horn.

Abadon: I figured you would take a liking to that.

Scarlet quickly turned around to find Abadon standing in the open doorway.

Abadon: Took allot of work and sacrifice to get my hands on that.

Scarlet: I am sure it did.

Slowly Abadon walked over to where Scarlet was standing. He gently took it over and held it in the palm of his hand.

Abadon: 3 things move me emotionally this earth. Watching the fear in someone’s eyes as I raise my weapon for the kill. The life fading out of someone’s eyes as they die a slow painful death.

Scarlet: And the third?

Abadon: The glory of holding a trophy like this above my head in victory.

He slowly put the horn back in the case and gestured at the door.

Abadon: Your gold is ready.

Scarlet: What do you say we make a little deal. Forget the gold. The horn will make up for it.

Abadon: All in good time but not today. I have uses of my own for that precious horn.

Scarlet took one quick glance back at the horn before leaving with Abadon.

[Outside Dorado]

The gate slowly opens as Abadon and Scarlet walk across the bridge. Scarlet’s eyes scan the area for her gold but find no bags.

Scarlet: Where is my money?

Abadon: My men dont know about you. I am sure you will more than agree that what they dont know wont hurt them. Your money is in that group of trees. Until we meet again.

Without another word Abadon quickly returned to Dorado, the gate slamming shut behind him. Scarlet shook her head. As she began to walk towards the forest. She waded through the dense brush and thorn bushes till she finally came to a clearing. In it were dozens of bags of gold. 1 buy 1 she quickly opened up the gabs and ran through them. There were 10 bags. She roughly estimated that each held about 1 million gold coins. over double what they had agreed on.

Scarlet: What is that mad man doing?

Now wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth she quickly began organizing the bags for there flight.

[Outside the forest]

A small rumbling is heard Suddenly birds by the dozens fly from the forest in a frenzy. There is then a large rustling sound as a red dragon erupts from the top of the forest.

The dragon roars in pleasure before descending into the horizons.

[Back at the group]

The group trudged onward through the grassy highlands. Still no trace of trouble or Scarlet.

Intruder: Cobalt.

Cobalt: Yes master?

Intruder: I am uneasy about Scarlet being gone this long.

Cobalt: You want me to look ahead and see if I can find anything?

Intruder: Yes. I have a feeling something is going on even now that plots our own demise.

Cobalt: OK master.

Cobalt began fluttering his wings. He quickly flew past the group. On his way bye shocking atlas.


Cobalt skimmed the ground as he moved onward. Suddenly he felt an arrow pierce his wing. He screamed in agony as he skidded across the ground. As he lie face down in the dirt he saw a black foot step infront of him. He felt a large hand pick him up. He stared into deep red eyes.

Cobalt: You..........

Slowly cobalt passed out.

[Back at the group]

Ethon: Um guys.

The group slowly came to a stop. They all turned to where Ethon was standing holding a small box.

Ethon: I am picking up about 40 “Things” waiting on top of this hill.

Atlas: Things?

Ethon: Well they're moving on they're own but they aren’t organic.

D: Skeletons.

The group quickly got there weapons ready.

Ethon: I am picking up 1 organic life form and 1 semi-organic.

Intruder: 1 must be Cobalt.

Atlas: Looks like Scarlet was right. common we have to hurry.

Weapons ready the group quickly accented the hill. At the top of the hill it leveled off. Standing on the other side was a group. Standing in front of the group was a tall demon. Black in color. Horn coming out of all parts of his body. A grin across his face. Behind him a legion of skeletons. Ranging from archers, clubmen. Axemen, swordsman, and various other.

Demon: Hello friends.

Atlas: I know that voice. Exile?

Exile: Hello Atlas. Its been a while.

Glitterspike: By god, what have they done to you?

Exile: Abadon has shown me the way. What it means to be evil.

Atlas: Exile, we both know you aren’t a killer.

Exile: Aren’t I now?

D: Atlas, the Exile you once knew is dead. His soul corrupted by Abadon.

Exile: Ah you must be Algorith. My master speaks of you. Not favorably though. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.

D: The pleasure is all yours.

Exile: Enough of this nonsense. I am here to end your foolish quest and that is exactly what I plan to do. CHARGE!

The skeletons scream as they charge. A large sound of something being plucked is heard as a group of arrows sail into the air.

Shin: Scatter!

All the group members scatter in different directions trying to avoid the arrow fire.

Ethon rolled out of the way as an arrow landed right where he was standing. He raised to one knee and drew his pistol.

Ethon: Lets rock you primitive pukes.

2 skeleton Axemen began to charge at Ethon. He easily dispatched them with 1 shot of his gun. Suddenly he fell backwards as an arrow struck him in the chest though it did not puncture his armor the force pushed him off balance. As he sat back up he saw 2 swordsman running at him. He raised his hand but realized he was not holding his gun.

Ethon: Crap.

He quickly stood up scanned the area for his gun. He saw it laying in some bushes a few steps away. But the skeletons were to close. They both raised there swords and prepared to strike. But the first one was met by a metal foot slamming into its skull. Ethon quickly grabbed the sword as the skeleton fell to the ground. Ethon quickly brought the sword to his face just as the other skeleton swung his sword to try and decapitate Ethon. The sword collided with a thunk. Ethon quickly overpowered the skeleton and pushed it backwards. He then quickly dove for his gun and pointed it at the skeleton.

Ethon: Say goodnight Gracie.

A small beam of light collided with the skull of the skeleton and it shattered into hundreds of pieces.

D stood poised, infront of him 5 skeleton. swords in hand. D only stared waiting for the skeletons to make the first move. Getting tired of waiting the skeletons charged. D easily swung his long sword in a horizontal arc cutting all the skeletons into 2 pieces.

Intruder stood poised his staff in front of him. A wave of skeletons charged at him. Slowly intruder began to chant. A wave of black energy erupted from him ripping the skeletons apart like rag dolls.

Atlas stood in front of Exile. Not destracted by the fights around them.

Atlas: I cant believe you sold your soul to that monster.

Exile: I did both of us a favor. I perfected myself and now I get to end the pitiful existence you call life. You can thank me later.

Exile charged at Atlas. Atlas swung his double axes at Exile but exile moved with ungodly speed. Blow after blow Exile dodged. Almost mocking Atlas. Then Exile went on the offensive. He maneuvered himself in-between Atlas’s axes and thrust his palm into Atlas throat. Atlas fell backwards gasping for air. As he laid on the ground a foot fell across his neck. He now stared into the red eyes of Exile. A grin across his face.

Exile: The power, is magnificent, overwhelming power. I am a god.

Atlas: D was right, the Exile I was once friends with is dead. I will have no remorse killing you.

Exile: I am afraid I will rob you of that cha.........

Suddenly Exile screamed in pain. An arrow imbedded itself into Exiles neck. He turned to see Scarlet standing behind him. Bow in hand.

Scarlet: Not nice to pick on people smaller than you.

A snarl crossed exiles face. He grabbed both ends of the arrow in his neck and broke them off. He removed his foot from Atlas neck and turned to face Scarlet in full. A grin now covered his face

Exile: I think I will make you a sacrifice to my master.

Scarlet: Bring it on big boy.

Exile dived at Scarlet claws extended. Scarlet quickly sidestepped Exile and tripped him on the way bye. He fell face first into the dirt. He felt a point on the back of his neck.

Scarlet: I would advise against moving.

Exile: You had better kill me now wench because if you dont I will make sure you die a horrible death.

Scarlet: I will take my chances. Now call off your men.

Exile: Grrrrrrrrrr.

Scarlet: NOW!


The remaining skeletons immediately quit there fighting and slowly began to withdraw. Exile felt the point being removed from his neck and he slowly stood up and faced the group.

Exile: You may have won this time but I will be back and when I do come back all of your souls will be mine.

Shin: I wont hold my breath.

Without another word Exile and the remaining skeletons walked into a portal that appeared out of nowhere. leaving the group reflecting on the past events.

Atlas: Nice of you to come back. Looks like you were right about that bad feeling.

Scarlet: Sorry it took me so long.

Atlas: Well at least everyone is accounted for.

Glitterspike: Not quite, were missing Severen.

Intruder: And Cobalt.

Then the group heard foot steps, they all turned to see Severen walking towards them holding a bag.


Severen: I was looking for this.

He quickly tossed the bag at Intruder. Intruder dropped his staff and caught it with both hands. he untied the rope holding it shut. He pulled out an unconscious Cobalt. A small hole in his wing.

Severen: Apparently those skeletons caught him. Found him hanging from a tree up about a mile. He should wake up in an hour.

Mercy: We should make camp. Its getting dark.

And so the group made camp. Pondering what they had saw in the battle. As scarlet laid on the ground staring up at the stars her mind began to wander. Why had Abadon given her over twice as much as they had agreed on. No matter how much she tried she could not get it out of her head. On the other side of the camp D sat on a long pushing the fire with his sword. He didn’t mind being on watch, it gave him time to think. But he did mind when Valas was annoying.

D: So Valas. What do you make of that attack?

Valas: I think Abadon was testing Exiles ability to lead an attack.

D: Most likely.

Valas: You mind scooting away from he fire, its a little hot here.

[Fade to black]