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Those of the Group
Alec Crimson, "Fearless": At the age of nineteen and soon to be turning twenty, he's something of a prodigy. Once the Prince of a powerful empire in the far west, with its fall at the hands of Abadon he's been displaced to simply one of the rulers of Tabula Rasa. Someone of a romantic, he always makes time to compliment a pretty girl who catches his interest. An atheist, he is mystified by and is unfamiliar with all magic, though he learns more each passing day. Near fearless in his courage, his swordsmanship makes up for his arrogance.
Algorith Van Demonican, "D": Half breed of Vampire/Human, Algorith was born with the powers of a vampire and little of the downfalls. Though it does lessen his abilities, he does not need to fear daylight, and he does not need to feed, though at times he does feel compelled to do so. Fights with a very long, very thin sword, the blade a blackish color.
CABAL Van Helsing: Described as a "Slayer", CABAL is a human made powerful by the Divinity, the God of Righteousness and light in Khanduras after his home was destroyed. He is the sole survivor of nine slayers banished by Abadon, out of fear for their powers when in the presence of evil.
GlitterSpike: A Paladin of Westmarch that seeks to destroy all evil in the world. His enchanted armor glitters brightly, making him quite easy to spot at night. He fights with a halberd, falling back on a warhammer and very minor holy magic when the halberd fails.
Kain: A master swordsman with a duel bladed style all his own, the oddness of his style and swords make him difficult at best in a direct fight. Though much of his memory before joining the group is lost to him, he follows the will he finds in his mind to destroy or stop all evil he comes across. Somewhat of a growing legend, rumors have been circulating of a holy warrior spreading the lightning in his eyes to all of evil, safeguarding the land. Leading towards nomadic, Kain floats in and out of the group regularly.
Lesya: A young girl of eighteen whose family was killed by an evil necromancress, Lesya spent much of her youth seeking vengeance, which nearly destroyed her as well. Was briefly possessed by the Lord of Pain, Duriel, during his quest to kill Abadon. Lesya was indirectly responsible for Abadon's ascension to a god-like state, which weighs heavily upon her. Very fit and a good swordsman, she carries the Demonblade Shadowfang which she coveted from Duriel. No personal knowledge of magic, although her weapon gives her dark powers when used properly. Lesya also has been left with very deep and intimate knowledge of dark powers due to her possession. Slightly lustful, she is also searching for her 'knight in shining armour'
Mercy: Another Paladin kin to Glitterspike, as with all Paladin's she carries the holy birthright to seek out and land of evil. Possessing no magic, she merely fights with a sword and shield. Raised and trained with her sisters in the hidden holy city of Silveryn, the only known haven of Unicorns. Rides a unicorn from Silveryn called "Triesque".
Severen: A formidably skilled nomad, Severen is a jack of all trades, using any weapon which seems handy at the time, especially since he tends to carry enough weapons to have one for any situation that arises, most of them scavenged off the fallen. That along with his affinity for stealth and speed make him very dangerous in combat for those he faces. Though his unusual personality keeps a gap between him and the party, he is often near enough to be the voice of simple pragmatism.
Triesque: A talking unicorn from Silveryn, like all the unicorn he possess a horn which imbues him with holy magic. Not exactly the hero type, he hates fighting, running, or any sort of physical activity. He'd much rather sit around and eat. Although he wont ever admit it, he's quite fond of Mercy
Xeiss: A former Sister of the Sightless Eye, she was unusually raised with a pair of short swords. Exhibiting telepathic abilities, she's able to pick up bits and pieces of a person's thoughts if she concentrates on them alone. She can also make suggestions within a persons mind, but if they are prepared or mentally adept enough, it can be blocked. As the daughter of Tal Rasha, she seeks Baal so she can free her father from his prison and the possession of his body through the soul stone fragment.
Those of Evil
Abadon: Once a simple blacksmith in Hell, he died and was born again in a new and more powerful body. Responsible for bringing Diablo back in the first place, his evil nature made him betray Diablo and trapped him in a soul stone, drawing Diablo's power for himself. With both his original abilities to change his body into any metal object or substance, and his new abilities wrought from Diablo, he has declared himself the new Lord of Terror.
Andariel: Maiden of Anguish and second born of the lesser great evils. She journeyed to the mortal realm and slowly corrupted the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. She now takes residence in their former training ground, with an army of corrupted Rogues. Recently recovered from a rather brutal attack at the hands of Frost.
Atlas: Once a Barbarian with the group, he was killed and changed into a vampire under the service of Abadon. Posing as the bodyguard of Celes, he has recently fallen from Abadon's favor and is thus given tasks not befitting his ability. While not the smartest person in the world, he is extremely strong, especially with the enhancements from being a vampire. Wields two large axes.
Azmodan: Lord of Sin and youngest of all the evils, yet just as dark and evil as any of them. With the support of his brother Belial, they overthrew the three prime evils and banished them from Hell to the mortal realm. They are believed to still be warring each other in Hell's depths, vying for control of all Hell, too busy in their battle to care about the mortal realm.
Baal: Lord of Destruction and advocate of chaos, Baal was sealed in a tomb in the eastern deserts near Lut Gholein, using Tal Rasha and a soulstone fragment. Trapped by powerful chains of binding and endless runes of containment for an unknown amount of time, Baal still lies trapped there, waiting for any outside source to set him free.
Belial: Lord of Lies, Belial orchestrated the overthrow of the three prime evils along with his brother Azmodan. Is believed to still be fighting his brother for higher control over Hell.
Celes: Once a part of the group along with Atlas, she died at the claws of Scarlet. Resurrected by Abadon, she now serves him faithfully. Quickly raising her way up in the ranks of Abadon's minions, she has earned much favor. She still retains much of her sorceress abilities, and over time is becoming more adept at elemental magic. She has however lost all healing power she once had.
Diablo: Lord of Terror and youngest of the three, Diablo is perhaps the most well known evil, many stories stemming about his exploits. Twice trapped, and twice freed, once by the Horadrim, freed by the arch bishop Lazarus, and once by the warrior Shin Hikaru, freed by Abadon. His essence is currently trapped inside a soulstone which Abadon uses to syphon his energy and powers.
Duriel: As the Lord of Pain, Duriel is quite obsessed with human pain and suffering. He hates Abadon with a passion, and possessed Lesya for a brief period just to attempt a plot to kill Abadon. The plan failed, and Lesya managed to banish Duriel from her body.
Exile: Demon employed by Abadon, he dislikes all things good. Can steal the form of a person by taking their essence, which results in the death of the person. Can stay in another's form stolen this way for up to two weeks max. Fights with either bows, swords, or magic.
Fuji: A vampire with necromancial abilities, Fuji Was kidnapped at age of two by necromancers and taught the dark arts. At age eighteen, he was bitten by a vampire in the process of protecting his village. Because of his necromancial abilities, did not receive most of the vampiric disadvantages, but still requires fresh blood once a month to keep him alive. Wants Diablo dead to free him of his vampirism. His soul continues to wage war inward between good and evil, and lately the evil side is winning.
Malice: A mysterious young woman with black fire for hair and a black dress made partially out of black fire. Has deep metallic black eyes and extremely pale skin. Can use a myriad of arcane spells, but prefers to use her ungodly weapon, Cortana, a 5Ĺ foot long black katana with red glowing veins. Cortana tends to have a mind of its own and will act upon itís own desires at times. She can to change into a more human form with long black hair and a torn black dress to seduce men into carrying out her own needs. She is horrifically cruel and malevolent and enjoys to see the suffering of others. Is the Queen of Dorado and mother of Abadonís heir, Sephra.
Mephisto: Lord of Hatred and eldest of the three prime evils. Works through subversion of the mind, loving to use his abilities to turn normally well meaning people against one another through hatred. Whereabouts currently unknown.
Varian: In his recent ascension, Abadon was forced to seek out trusted servants, those he knew would not betray or attempt to overthrow him. Varian was suitable, a vampire Abadon came in contact with during the time he corrupted Celes. Joining Abadon, Varian quickly raised through the ranks with his abilities. Through restrained to night movement only, and constantly craving blood, Varian holds heavy control over winds. Pushing objects away, creating shields, and bringing objects to him are simple tasks.
Varsek: One of Diablo's former lieutenants, he chickened out when Diablo was losing and is now afraid if Diablo gets rejuvenated he will kill him. Unknown if he's alive or dead, or what he's even doing. Possesses elemental powers of the four elements, and the power to summon creatures.
Those of Good
Akira Hikaru: Worth mentioning if only because she is the daughter of Shin Hikaru. Currently growing up in Triumvarite and training to be adept at swordsmanship like her father...
Cobalt: Angel who posed as a demon to spy on Intruder. Comes around from time to time.
Those of Neutrality
Aether: A thirteen year old boy now under Scarlet's control, she took him through a ritual designed to augment him with great magic. Though the process didn't go as planned, he came out of it with great power over the four elements, earth, fire, water and air.
Br'tak: An 11 feet tall half-giant whose father has been killed by Andariel. While being tortured by Andariel he unvoluntarily gained an undead arm (his left arm). He is reasonably intelligent, but very bad in stealth. He fights with his fists or a blunt object that can serve as a club, using brute force. Seeks Xeiss' help against Andariel to avenge his father.
Dameon: A young man with powerful shapeshifting abilities, Dameon was forced into growing up secluded from others turning to the ways of a druid. Both crippled having no thumbs, and mute to everyone but Xeiss, his difficult life has brought him even more pain at becoming a slave to Andariel, who possesses his blood oath, a carry over from Abadon. Both his silent movement and his shapeshifting abilities make him a difficult person to track, though all animals he changes to take on blackish fur and his green eyes. Changing into very small or very large animals put a strain on his mind.
Deakin: Something of a gambler and a ladies man, Deakin is a sly character with rich ambitions. Using the wits in his head and the daggers in his sleeves, he simply does what he can to get by and make a few gold pieces in the process.
Frost: Exactly who or what Frost is remains a mystery. The only thing that isn't a mystery is that he is very chaotic, very smart, and very powerful. To him factions, sides, alignments, all of it doesn't matter. Enjoys toying with all the major players in this little 'game,' and if his actions are to be understood, manipulation, mind games and torment are viewed as something of an artform.
Blood Fury: Where it came from or what it is stays unknown, but what it came for is to harvest true names of powerful warriors for some hidden reason.
Ikana: An unusual wolf with the ability to speak to humans, Ikana has control over electricity flowing through him. Travels with his sister Sarak, while trying to avoid being killed be an old rival called Keesh.
Intruder: A necromancer from the Southern Swamps, he'd joined the group when he sensed Diablo's awakening. Determined that through Diablo he can reach Baal and persuade him to teach the ultimate secrets to black magic. He betrayed the others to try and capture Kain's soul, but failed because of Cobalt's intervention, which revealed Cobalt was really an Angel. Not known where he is.
Kerran: Once melded with the demon Zalarnx, he regained control of himself through the help of the holy sword Stormbringer, a blade which contains the essence of the angel Dae'lah. Only the blade Stormbringer keeps the demon from regaining control, any time it is lost the demon will begin to arise. His eyes flicker red when emitting an aura of terror, which he can control. He wields a blade-topped staff, which and shorten or lengthen as well as lose the blades. Travels with Kiera.
Kiera: A girl of twelve travelling with Kerran. She retains permanent infravision, which gives her an advantage when presented with thiefly situations which seems trained for. Though highly resistant to magic, she doesn't know it. Well learnt in many subjects, she retains both useful and useless knowledge at great length.
Scarlet/Dragoneyes: An ancient twenty ton red dragon, she cares little for anything other than money. Capable of morphing into a young, beautiful girl who calls herself Scarlet, she retains immense control over fire magic in that form. She also tends to enjoy mischief, creating elaborate pranks, some of which are deadly. She hides her true name, as it is a great weakness. Killed Celes and betrayed the group for a large sum of gold.
Those Deceased
Ethon: A warrior from another world or time with many artifacts and technology. Wears power armor, uses a gatling laser cannon and plasma pistol. He us unskilled in primitive weapons, and completely ignorant of magic.
Shin Hikaru: The warrior who originally defeated Diablo and took the soulstone into his head. Hailed as the 'Hero of Heroes', he was defeated by Abadon in a battle for the soulstone. Abadon, in a mocking gesture, took over his mind and turned him against his friends, making him duel Fearless, who eventually was forced to kill Hikaru.
Vlad: Leader of the vampire fighter caste and father of D, he ruled the entire vampire town of Checksum. Unfortunately, Frost decided to have some fun and kill every vampire in the town, including Vlad.
The Dragoon: An ancient order who once worshipped dragons and protected them. Believed to have died out.
The order of the Paladin: Holy crusading warriors.
Sisters of the Sightless Eye: A group of rogues trained in the ways of bows.
Vijerei: An order of mages.
Angels: Heaven's warriors.
Demons: Hell's minions.
Dragons: Ancient creatures of lore.
Undead: Humans raised from death to fight for hell.
Vampires: Humans bitten and changed physically.

Currently in the party of adventurers: Mercy, Triesque, Glitterspike, Ethon, Fearless, Lesya, D.


Name Injury Cause Effects Date
Severen Post-Concussion, broken arm. Aether. Headaches, weak against head hits, one unusable arm. 5/24/01
Xeiss Insane, scared crazy. Abadon. Catatonic, unreponsive to all outside influence. 5/24/01

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